Excerpt – “A Dream once Loved” – The Rundown of Guilt and Shame – 2/13/2020

Guilt will override shame, so that the betterment of behavior creates the betterment of the self. Guilt and shame, with the former being a personal feeling, and the latter being directed from an exterior viewpoint. In a man’s world, guilt is felt by himself, for his action. In a woman’s world, guilt is felt by herself, for her inaction. In a man’s world, shame is directed upon him for his cowardice, due for his inaction. In a woman’s world, shame is directed upon her for her courage, due for her action.

All is inevitable in the world of the personal conflict, and the external conflict. This is how the world runs, with each sex being the opposite, and having polar opposite differences. Nothing is wrong in these scenarios described. When the prison population is overrun by men, it is only due to that the justice system is centuries-old, and not bound to change, unless corruption and advantageous gain takes hold.

Actions, for a man, are easy to be seen, and are most visible. One cannot blame a woman for her negligence, so therefore, guilt is not placed upon her. It is, instead, that shame is placed upon her for her actions.

Blame a man, as the external self, and shame him only for his cowardice. He will feel guilt, nevertheless, for his actions.

Guilt will override shame for a woman, so that her personal feeling of guilt for her negligence, will better her behavior to perform courageous acts. Guilt, for a woman, overrides her shame, and the shame being directed from external sources, make her not heed those who shame her.

Guilt will override shame for a man, in that his personal feelings will suppress all feeling of cowardice, so that he continues to act with courage. His courage is perpetual, in this regard, and arrogance or overconfidence, is common for him.

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