Poem – “An Ode to a Buried Woman” – Romantic/Mournful

I cry often,
When I think of thy prettiness.
The emptiness of my facade,
When tears fall in short streams,
To be caught at the chin
That is where I swallow my words.

I choke back the emotions,
The loss to which I feel open.
I weep for about a minute,
And loosen my tears to the open.
I see swallows and pigeons alike,
Both hearing these calls.

I ride the current,
Down to where my end had begun,
And see with eyes so wide,
The world and it’s lifeless plenty.
The world seems so distant,
For we are an ocean apart.

We are the milk among the galaxy.
The disease among the many.
The beauty among the frenzy.
You have been the burning to my heart,
The blood that boils and flows.
And the enemy to which I love.

3 thoughts on “Poem – “An Ode to a Buried Woman” – Romantic/Mournful

  1. Such vivid opening lines. I love the feelings and thoughts ‘the emptiness of my facade’ inspires.

    I find people can often not be themselves and hide under who they want to be. I embrace genuineness. That is beautiful.

    1. Thanks very much! 😀

      This poem is actually in dedication to someone very special to me. She has not died, but there is much physical distance. A long-distance relationship, that is. We feel much pain, together, before we will meet, and be like two waves crashing together. <3

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