Philosophy – “No Point to Blaming Society” – 2/16/2021

“In this world, the denial of involvement is the confession of ignorance, not innocence.”

– Modern Romanticism

Those who deny their fate, are those who further construct their Hell.

What point to blame the world, if not in the denial that our surroundings have been made by our own hands? If we blame the world, then we do blame ourselves.

There are those who say that the world is to blame for an issue they have caused. Yet, these people, to the world, look ignorant. Do we know these people? Or, do we only need to know that they believe themselves innocent? If such people believe themselves as innocent, then it is always to the world, that they look ignorant. To believe oneself lacks involvement in their troubles, is the same to believe oneself as innocent. Though, in truth, such a person is only ever unaware of what is truly the fault. They have renounced themselves to ignorance.

To be unaware, or to be ignorant, especially with the embrace of such, has much to do with the cowardice for which is the reason people would blame the world. If a person blames the world, then they’ve renounced their freedom. They must adore being their own slave, with their mind as their master, if they believe they possess no control. It is only ever the definition of freedom, in the firm belief one has a true escape.

It is not to escape out of one’s issues, so much as it is mere cowardice in how a person flees, when this individual does not confront their errors. To be responsible, is to believe one is not innocent, though aware. We merely comprehend that we had much to do with the outcome. However, we are cowards when we believe we can run from an error, and then allow the world to clean up what we’ve caused.

Blaming the world is to blame ourselves, because the world is us. We thus have no choice, but to blame ourselves. That is because in the act of being wholly responsible, we are faced with having no choice. In being responsible, there is no choice, as there is no more a reason nor an excuse to escape.

It is for all these reasons that when a person is not responsible, that when they blame the world, they become embittered. Such bitterness has only ever resulted from a festering of the true fault, within that individual. They worsen what they believe they can escape from. And, when they reject themselves, they embrace nothing but continued ignorance and blindness.

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