Quote – “Why Trust is a Human’s Greatest Weakness” – 2/1/2021

“All humans can love equally. There is no difference between the love for one being to another. As in, there is no way someone can love a person more than another. That is not love, that they refer to. That one who claims to love someone more than another, has instead referenced trust. We can love all, in equal terms, just because we can. However, we cannot trust everyone, in equal terms. It is due to trust needing to be built.

Of love and trust, relating to the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, of the feet to the mind, and then even of the past to the memories carted towards the future. We have a foundation of love. We have a foundation of death.

We have the trust that is built, like walls. We set up barricades against what we do not trust. We protect what we do. Love makes us perfect, in the remembrance of what we simply hold onto. Trust makes us imperfect, by any wall showing a crack that could make the person, themselves, break.”

– Modern Romanticism

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