Excerpt – “Sweet Medicine – On how Leadership Utilizes the Focus of Speech to Deceive” – Philosophy – 1/13/2021

Speech is the tactic for which a leader uses, that reveals nothing for the underlying proof. As it should be mentioned, the term “intention” cannot be signified in speech. Among any person, each secret that is within one of us, will never be revealed without implemented trust for a listener. Such means, that were a leader to a nation never to reveal intention, only ever signifies that there is no trust from leadership to the people. Would it be the correct case to believe that a nation’s people should trust their leadership, or that the leadership should trust the people? If such is ever the latter, then it is that the leader, without trust for the people, holds fear of the population to be threatening. Though, the only ever time when the former is the case, is when leadership is honest and forward by the fact that nothing is held within, for the sake of the people never being speculative.

Of a nation where freedom is seen to the population, there will always be thinkers of this characteristic. Free thinkers, to be those of speculation, will never be trusted by leadership. Such would mean that the only method to subdue this distrust would be to abandon the nation’s people of their ability to freely think for themselves. It can only be, that in a nation where its people are trusting of its own leadership, there will come of it either the pure darkness of poverty or the bliss that name some places “Heaven on Earth”. Again, to make either the case of the result, trust must be the implement for leadership so that blindess will be to that result. As people are blinded both in darkness and by intense light, there will be to both the shutting down of people’s free voice.

Freedom, by way of a people’s speculation, has no room to trust leadership. Speech is the way for either existing leadership or for new leadership to make itself the sole presence of mind.

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