A Quote of Wisdom – “Progressiveness to Denial” – 4/16/2020

It is utterly weak of the mind and will to even consider that a person could simply “progress” past inevitable human obstacles like their own nature. Does a human, in today’s time, see of their own form in the mirror, the need to replace it with machine parts? Such would only result in the burying of humanity. Why do we call words of wisdom “deep”? We say that, because they come from areas too far to typically be reached by anyone who is consumed by fear. Replace yourself with something that you’re not, and you’ll not erase, but merely bury yourself in a grave, while alive.

Therefore, bury your own nature, and you’ll find a rising society that is bent around the life of “moving away from satisfaction”. That satisfaction was our nature, and that nature is now buried. Is it now a seed, waiting to sprout something to explode in our face?

When we run away from satisfaction, we embrace fear, and we live our lives in that fear, in that denial. What we can no longer reach, being our nature, we call such wisdom “deep” by those who do indeed have the courage to reach it, and pull it out.

“Progressiveness” creates a society of denial, where everything once believed about ourselves, is simply denied. What results is the element of “no judgement”, movements that are against hatred in the form of speech (which is an oxymoron), among other aspects.

Human satisfaction is on the side of love. No so-called “movement” can believe in love, when it also promotes “progression”. It is as contradicting as it sounds.

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