Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – First 10 Poems – 8/14/2021

Poem #1

“Weeping among Feathers”

Apart from the sun,
As the seasons come undone
To reveal where teardrops fell
As anchors to the fetid mist.
Your arms in the rain,
In the attempt to drench the pain.

Tied together in savage looseness,
While winter ceases the hail
That Springtime had called down –

Upon your displayed frown.
You forever wish to decay
More than either leaves or Heaven.
With clasped hands,
To send prayers for crippled towns
As mirrors raise from sands.

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Poem – “Let None Worship her” – Love Poetry – 6/20/2021

You were not meant to be
A god’s pet or a priest’s belief.
You were meant to be reborn
In arms as broken as yours.
Strained wrists, palms are torn,
While waters exit from eyes
To see the same sort of skies.

While the world uncovers
Shredded skin, dusted flesh
Beneath sheets atop bed of death –

Love reveals a grave reality
That nothing sworn to can be symmetry.

Her insecurity weeps the pages to turn
To an ending as disappointing
As the forgetful beginning.

Still to love for the stagnant
Arrangement in everything elegant.
Even as winter sits with patience
Upon her shoulders, filling presence –

While these arms cannot be mended.
Lift her veil to see diamond-
Shaped tears, pledging a course
Towards trembling lips.
Kiss her in the cold air.

Never mend her, never send her
To anything blissful
As an occupied Heaven.

Poem – “All Weight of Love” – Love Poetry – 6/19/2021

The ill times in which
All wounds were unstitched.
Unbound, to bring the sigh,
Aimless as the goodbye,
Wishful with the fateful decline
In life’s caretaking sunshine.

We wished to keep travelling
Within overburdened arms.
A caress to keep the sun up high,
One kiss to hush the painful cry.

We wept for all the broken
Times we were unspoken.

Failing to swim, apart
From the other, in our hearts
While knowing sadness was the waves
We mistook for the warming years.

Love shows its signal,
Sweeping frozen arms, overboard,
Leaping from burning ledges
A pair of feet were placed.
For love, in what stands
Can be for gentle, broken hands.

We leave the teardrops to collect
Their stains to match our feet,
Walking over crimson sheets.

Poem – “What it means to Love” – Love Poetry – 6/19/2021

It is a pathway
Upon another, to a gateway
For another, towards her arms.
A challenge with no alarm
With the tears that run
To wake a man to the sun.

Someone says to the final word
That the shadows are all broken
With the fade of her.
A longing to a passage, a scripture,
One fault, alone in the winter.

One chance, to live for the summer,
For its winds to breathe us together,
For stretching faces to sing –

What kisses on smiles can bring.
Love quells the last residue
Tears can bring of nothing new.

Upon the arctic melt,
Forms awake, for all is felt.

Her stare, sending me to daylight,
While winter lingers here
For a shadow longer,
With miles of her curves.
In the dust, we never swerve.

Poem – “Return, my Inspiration” – Love Poetry – 6/12/2021

Return what makes me
Sentence quill
From cage to its freedom,
Breaking as the shell
Upon you, my well.

Rise to me,
Do not recede from me,
While I walk with heavy stones,
Dragging currents along
Petaled eyelids.

Run over me
Your sweeping breath,
Forming decay into
Its strengthened return,
From death.

I will what cannot
Commence, with ease,
On the onslaught
For these subdued emotions
Concealing all the earth’s oceans.

Poem – “Through Broken Glass” – Love Poetry – 6/11/2021

On the journey
Back to delicate torn
Shreds of a deserted field
Where you were raised
As a single flower
With petals flown, empty
To the stagnant touch
Of the winds.

I will soar you
Beyond the last mile
The earth has to stretch for,
In the sum of all mathematical
Concealed as you are
Upon the openness of stars,
With funerals to your stare.

Gravitate, as you
Find scenery in the moon,
Caressed in the arms
Of a one
Who cannot bury the tears,
Though can share your smile
When the marriage
Holds you as the pendant
To the naked rosary.

Poem – “A Head among the Roses” – Love Poetry – 6/4/2021

Picture how
Final terrors
Were warm beginnings
For the faces that did laugh,
At the end.

Picture now
The stories caught at angles,
Bleeding for miles across
Shapeshifted understanding
For the forests that melted
Whispers into glades.

Emptiness in the hollow well,
For no cement could encrust
A depiction of her fall.

I still wish
For the dawn to come
Even as the rose petals fall
Into burning fields.

Place her
As she would be corrected,
Standing at sadness’s ending,
With disuse to each discarded
Ray of her happiness.

She was all to the touch
Of forever’s bite,
While enemies call to unknown
Parts of the sand,
Burning blame into everlasting shame.

Poem – “Not Enough for the Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/13/2021

Describe you
In simple ways,
I cannot.
By engrossing details –
A shoreline curve to a hip,
Pebbled beach
To make both eyes and breasts,
Fingers, like candles
Burn garments
To the ashen floor.

Of subtle hints,
Bared auras,
Scenery to taste,
Loins to waste
In the grave intoxication
In the entrance, of womanhood.

Lifted sights,
Disassembled breaths,
A face that does not surrender
To the lifetime of age.

Hair that sets itself alight
To be the reflection
For a man, in his moment of fright,
While beauty was,
As beauty is
The storm that never dies down
In the moment where grace
Holds a heartbeat,
For its sound.

Poem – “Do not Run to Death” – Love Poetry – 4/10/2021

Among you, for you,
The waters keep curling
The fog around your eyes,
Drying against the lane
Where sadness is your stain
On the arms, embracing close
Remembrance of the fallen.

Upon you, around you
Where teeming life does swirl
In the galaxy where keeps your heart
Swollen, to never part
From the idle awakening of a start
To your life’s journey to a myth
Of happiness, meant to lift
Your frown to a frozen crown.

Royalty designs you
In the stunning radiance of the sun,
While your lips are pressed against
Time’s bleeding void
To all you lost, in the sign
Of giveaways upon the line.

Earth draws your curves
Around itself.
Alone, are your hips,
With the ongoing failings
Of belief, running black
With the smears on your cheeks.

Miniature Poetry Collection – 5 Poems – “Cruel Silence” – Romanticism – 3/26/2021

Poem #1

“A Wake of Disbelief”

Here, to write
Out the nameless names
Of people with forgotten faces,
For nothing more coated
In cleansing tears,
In the sickness of not remembering
What you have become of my heart
Will make me burn brighter.

Wild eyes
See the night
Crawl with stains upon the walls,
Of waving shadows
Speaking “farewell” to the glimpse
Of mirth and void.

Laughter and tension
Arises, with the sight of the moon,
As tears cannot be discerned
Between the light that blinds
And the stretch of dark.

You come in the cold embrace
As a missing presence to my bedside.
Holding my head in phantom palms
Keeps me aware of the curse
To love’s short sight.

Poem #2

“Shadow Strands”

Teeming in the burial of a moon
Where the pale is a phobia,
A fear of something familiar
In the strands of night.

With life to live through death,
Brittle in the flesh,
Frozen in the caress
None too sweet as when skin
Sweats in the ease of passion.

For spider-silk,
As to the dress that covers
Your delicate form,
As dew falls to extinguish your lamp.
A body uncovered,
Unconnected from its outlet,
Strands as dark
As the walls are collected
With breakable shadows.

Do you bleed with the flame,
Dear gusts and saddened shame?
A tale to tell,
While worms are eating
Through the wood
In the bucket
That held your moments,
Before deep in the well,
It fell.

Poem #3

“Never Here”

Forever, did the heart steer
From directions in the head?
False openings of the eyes
To the sight of none,
Of no one breathing out this name,
Early in the God-given morning.

Funerals still
Keep memories open
To your stilled and frozen shape,
Crystallized as carved ice,
Just a sculpture for a priest’s marvel,
As I could not melt away
What would come to stay.

Field the earth
Full of dust,
Watering eyes
Full of cries.
Kill the hope
That will not return,
Drop the rope
Disallowed to burn.

Poem #4

“Wherever the Pain Flows”

Wherever the rocks collect
As never-trembling pieces of regret,
Cold to the many faces
That ignore them,
While water flows, to smooth
Out the tension, in the traces
Of many places
Where pain
Might have slept.

Tears flow
As waves depart
From the ever-ongoing shore,
The ever-blanketing
Part of the arrival
Of desolation,
That screams the sensation
Of pain upon the blood
With violent disapproval,
Without gentle removal.

Walking in your stead,
Recalling all I have read,
Bleeding memories against pebbles,
Eroding myself dry.

Waking in your place,
Weeping from my face
As love becomes the toxicity
Losing where beauty fails.

Poem #5

“Absence like the Winter”

Great cold
On these cheeks
Where your kisses are no longer
The red, where the white now resides.
Great ocean of despair,
A great pretense
In the urge to care
That you’ll rise from the dark debris,
A newly-crafted bride.

Silence all waters
Where the waves come rushing.
Winter pushes us
Towards the sleeping horizon,
Healing our hours
In the great night of nevermore.

I am inside
This wide heart of mine,
Forever forgetting
In what inevitably heals
Of drawn scars
By the artist’s stroke.

Still wishing
To the last drop of a moment
That remaining pain
Can come collecting
Burning oceans,
In thrashing motion
Of discarded limbs
Where fatal fates
Return to familiar states.

Miniature Poetry Collection – 5 Poems – “Skull of All I Loved” – Romanticism – 2/24/2021

Poem #1

“Awaiting Fog”

The thickness
Around your eyes.
Smother your discomfort
With ease and surrender,
For defeat to shed
Ashes to your toes.

Dance with the deepest sighs
To plume from reddest lips.
Give finality
To each falling grace.
Grab your basket
Full of the scenery you plucked,
To birth taste, from your tears.

Drunk on sorrows,
Amorous with your fears.
Laid there, not curving
To the unkind memories
That leave you open.

Sadness descends
From eyes, pulled apart,
With the cries
Among the laughter,
Not told apart.

Poem #2

“Wanting you here”

The paths our eyes bleed,
Down to the forests
Grasped in our hands,
Leaves stains, made as lakes,
Ripples waves,
Dry to the tongue.

I have laughed,
In want of a final memory
To scream our worlds close,
Full to the song
Of lungs that breathed you,
For eyes that watched you.

Of oceans, between,
Losing scarlet from your lips
In the sunset,
As you see sunrise
Engulfing the trees,
Standing up the buildings.

Leaking world
Carrying loss,
Edging out a horizon’s fold
Upon a chapter,
Where stars collide
With the black of our covers.

Poem #3

“Peeling Tears away”

Save the world
From simple imagery.
As loss falls together
With loss,
Some sighs were breathed
As though netted
By the one
Who gave the last kiss.

To graves, full of burial
For tears to water the garden
Where life begins
To churn, as a soft petal
Loses its grip
To become the pillow
To smother the eyes
Of a wilted corpse.

Some sighs were never heard,
As some winds
Are never felt.

To the tears that lose
Their precious hold,
Like petals to purify us.

Coldness from the bucket,
Drawn from the well
Of blemished sadness,
Of great burns upon the flesh
While water collides
With cremation,
To makes the ashes more visible
Than the loss.

Poem #4

“Dance, to Catch the Rain”

Waste not
The places you love,
Dearest dear.
You drink the gifts.
Of ribbon,
Dressed of paper,
Colored by children
Your eyes ignored.
They looked to your heart,
If not to your breast.

Await the words,
While sadness manages you,
Keeps you settled.
Hug close, the ghost,
For he has been the dark
In your heart.

Live the world, apart
From plainest, cruel winter
Inside where memories are yours,
The keen side
Of all that decors,
Beyond all that decays.

The losing battle,
Of a side that never takes
The grave deceased.

The undergoing struggle,
With death locked
Out its own door.

Poem #5

“A Wilderness of Wishes”

All great runaways
For their dreams, to never envision
A rope would take their neck,
As stars would circle,
To burst.

All fumbled comparisons
Drive the deep glow
Of paradise, deeper below.
Why do the people
Sing on?

Trees, same as tumbling
The fewest ants
Are not ever the type
To remember
What hearts quitted their rhythm,
With the stains of sap
From crumpled bark.

Lose the neck,
While the same cage
Surrounds the same book
Of the same burned page,
Staining fingers
Of the same familiar soot.

“A Slender Little Romance” – Confirmed Poetry Book Titles – Promo

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