Poem – “The Lonely Hemisphere” – 6/4/2023

Division, parting ways with
a decision. Hearing still,
when you wake, when you scream,
falling at what might be
your final breath.

I still yearn
to catch you, in these arms,
which are still burning
like the boughs of a tree,
caught in its blaze.

I still keep
with what remains united
among cherished dreams,
where kisses swelled,
upon our wings, where we sold
our hearts, being naked
in lasting sunlight.

When moonlit streams
from ever-transparent eyes,
were displayed,
I found myself unable,
for this emptying life
ever getting to know another
in such extensive,
familiar patterns.

I cannot
for this wearied existence,
find myself waking up
to see another’s shape,
in one glowing,
harrowing silhouette,

as I cannot
find myself sleeping
near another, who represents
the coldest absence.

Poem – “A Serpent’s Decision” – 6/3/2023

What did you do?
Going there, knowing where
my body might fall,
letting the rocks come loose,
from mountains.

I am still wishing
that you, with your infinite turns
will return.

I am still hoping
that secrets are not your way.
I am still glancing
over these pale shoulders
to see something I
I had missed,

like another reflection of mine
I had left, in those
bottomless lakes.

You were gone,
the moment I blinked.
You were desperate
to see the sun rise, before
the mourning ever came,

while I am here,
alone, in the drift,
going pale, without going sick,

as love was always an inch away.
Its fever, its reminder
that nothing could, in my blindness
find itself going astray.

Poem – “The Drenched Fields” – 6/2/2023

Distant scars,
like loosened rainfall.
Present memories,
like these forever fields,
running with those trickles,

from a lost pair
of extinguished eyes.

I still yearn to keep you
captured, in these arms –
ones that have roamed,
forever, to meet you,

to greet you
while you are finding
other ways, to treat yourself.

I am losing
sight, of a little candleflame,
though I want
to keep the present burning,

to keep these moments
turning far from a future –
one I am eclipsed to.

Poem – “Once, We Were” – 6/1/2023

Once, we were
like devils, plummeting
into the Hell of each other’s arms,
swarmed with heat,
like a desert where nothing
had ever quenched us
in our even thirst.

We could have come up
to see the sun, to observe
where we could run,
holding each other close,

but we were
wailing like infants,
roped in, dying within
terminal in what we began,
whenever it ended.

We have lost
all sight on this prize,
landing in the dust,
our heads
buried in sand,

listening to the remains
of an ocean we tossed forth,
then drained,

with the flames that lick
our now-vacant shoulders,
where no soul could cry
to hear the answer
for “why”.

Poem – “Where the Moon Sheds its Glow” – 11/7/2022

I keep pondering. Looking over
your shoulders and mine,
caught in a sudden dance
of unified paranoia.
I bring you closer to find eyes
exactly like mine. I hear your sighs
comparable to breezes
that send leaves spiraling.
We dance in this continual twist,
hearing our names flooded
at our decaying feet.

All we have committed
in these regained hours
is a relit torch. A heart that burns
and never wants to cry.

But this moon, above,
will keep us forever motionless,
at least in what we know.
Love burns with the chemistry,
is a connection through our minds.
Are we fearful to know something else,
something that we cannot sow?

Would we begin a flame
that might, upon another heartbeat
find its way out?

A door would close at our touch,
our eyes no longer seeking pleasure
in another blaze. Here we stay,
remaining unfazed, while someday
we’ll go gray. We’ll have words
still to store in melded hands,
to bury under quaking lands.

Poem – “If you are Waiting” – Love Poetry – 11/5/2022

If those stars can be counted,
with the melting candles
baring their relit wicks with
our hearts repeatedly beating
for no other excuse, no other reason
that wind will only move us
to each other’s arms,
as we kiss, beyond our shells,
beyond our warming Hell.

If our eyes can be found,
let us know no sound
other than rhythms heard
deep in an ocean, brought down
from a capsized pair
of abandoned ships.

If lessons are yet to be learned,
reveal what we have found.
If lighthouses were too dark to spot,
we’ll wave our white flags,
hoping those stars will find us,
or the wind will lead us
while we glide on the wreckage
of our sickened flesh.

Land on those shores, in those
cradling arms. Never yearning
for more, for anything other
than a close moment in your,
your wings that soar.

Stay in those arms. Within what
still rocks, though never sinks.
Within a space that does not
ever find its edge to a brink,
nor ever looks down.

Poem – “A Third Curtain” – Love Poetry – 11/5/2022

Rush. Touch.
With faint eyes,
limp arms, nothing is ever
halfway to being over.
We have fallen
next to each other,
looking at our clouds,
dark, but never raining.

Barren stage. We are here,
counting seconds, before
another beginning,
another act to begin playing
our scores, our shallow insights
into a betterment,
other than simple blights.

Will we find something
beyond the clouds,
beyond haze? A curtain is often
a third one, after a second chance
will leave us finally hanging.
Drifting. Sifting
for something else,
left within the tearstains,
and the fog
upon and around our scripts.

A leading moment.
To twin roles clashing
against each other,
and always trashing the other
with dismissive criticism.

We wrote reviews
for our bleeding bodies,
our numb hearts.
To more despairing glimpses
of wasted time, departing seconds
that never matter,
while that third curtain
becomes a third arm
to reach for no one’s hand.

Poetry Collection (Tears and Later Years) – Poem 17/100 – “I came here to Remember”

I came here to repeat words
from a voice that tells its soulful song,
from a muted bird. I came here
to see what will never
come back to me.
Like springtime jealousies
mourning over losses
of unshaped emptiness,
of a white canvas,
of a tabula rasa gifting opportunity
for all enslaved colors.

You are a body’s length
buried, in soil, uneven
with the heartbeat of mine that goes
empty into noon.
Faltering too soon.

We are here
remaining equal,
in our promise to meet.
We are here,
hearing what little of life
is left to keep.

I came here to remember
a softness that goes
unapproached in the fall
of snowflakes, from a gray sky.

I am adjacent to frozen reflections
in once-teeming ponds, lakes,
though never oceans.

Upon oceans, I can walk on,
without ever drowning.
Upon glassy reflections,
I can stay stable, without ever
going overboard. That is me
in mirrored stars,
among those mountainous scars.

This is you, residing in sights I have seen,
though never completely believed.

I live, I love,
buried in your horizon,
in the split between an eclipse
and a beating ruby
encased in a brittle skeleton.

For those eyes, I remember.
For that skin I used to sink within,
I am a ship that crawls,
weeping with all these grains
encrusting through these fingers,
creating these same stains
I always remember.

Poem – “Heaven-Starved Lips” – Love Poetry – 10/24/2021

Travel this way.
The moon does not hang
Another hour,
For you to go across
A bridge where no one meets.
You deserve company
On the lips, bandaged of the iron.
From bloodied scars
To Heaven’s stars.

Come this way
To meet a fire of your belonging.
Burn away
All moments, to become
A grand eternity.
Each layer to your tresses
Bleak, while hands
Wield breasts for the babe,
Once more, not a man.

Upon loving Hell,
I can only live.
To you, I can find Heaven
Offered at a heart
To give.
Silence, to the rhythm.
Let not the trembling overtake you
On the highway
For what will no longer ache.

Give the terror
No more time.
Give to the night
Your last departure,
While you venture close
To these arms, to these eyes
That nestle you beyond streams,
Beyond tears,
Beyond these years.

Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – First 10 Poems – 8/14/2021

Poem #1

“Weeping among Feathers”

Apart from the sun,
As the seasons come undone
To reveal where teardrops fell
As anchors to the fetid mist.
Your arms in the rain,
In the attempt to drench the pain.

Tied together in savage looseness,
While winter ceases the hail
That Springtime had called down –

Upon your displayed frown.
You forever wish to decay
More than either leaves or Heaven.
With clasped hands,
To send prayers for crippled towns
As mirrors raise from sands.

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Poem – “Let None Worship her” – Love Poetry – 6/20/2021

You were not meant to be
A god’s pet or a priest’s belief.
You were meant to be reborn
In arms as broken as yours.
Strained wrists, palms are torn,
While waters exit from eyes
To see the same sort of skies.

While the world uncovers
Shredded skin, dusted flesh
Beneath sheets atop bed of death –

Love reveals a grave reality
That nothing sworn to can be symmetry.

Her insecurity weeps the pages to turn
To an ending as disappointing
As the forgetful beginning.

Still to love for the stagnant
Arrangement in everything elegant.
Even as winter sits with patience
Upon her shoulders, filling presence –

While these arms cannot be mended.
Lift her veil to see diamond-
Shaped tears, pledging a course
Towards trembling lips.
Kiss her in the cold air.

Never mend her, never send her
To anything blissful
As an occupied Heaven.

Poem – “All Weight of Love” – Love Poetry – 6/19/2021

The ill times in which
All wounds were unstitched.
Unbound, to bring the sigh,
Aimless as the goodbye,
Wishful with the fateful decline
In life’s caretaking sunshine.

We wished to keep travelling
Within overburdened arms.
A caress to keep the sun up high,
One kiss to hush the painful cry.

We wept for all the broken
Times we were unspoken.

Failing to swim, apart
From the other, in our hearts
While knowing sadness was the waves
We mistook for the warming years.

Love shows its signal,
Sweeping frozen arms, overboard,
Leaping from burning ledges
A pair of feet were placed.
For love, in what stands
Can be for gentle, broken hands.

We leave the teardrops to collect
Their stains to match our feet,
Walking over crimson sheets.