Poem – “Heaven-Starved Lips” – Love Poetry – 10/24/2021

Travel this way.
The moon does not hang
Another hour,
For you to go across
A bridge where no one meets.
You deserve company
On the lips, bandaged of the iron.
From bloodied scars
To Heaven’s stars.

Come this way
To meet a fire of your belonging.
Burn away
All moments, to become
A grand eternity.
Each layer to your tresses
Bleak, while hands
Wield breasts for the babe,
Once more, not a man.

Upon loving Hell,
I can only live.
To you, I can find Heaven
Offered at a heart
To give.
Silence, to the rhythm.
Let not the trembling overtake you
On the highway
For what will no longer ache.

Give the terror
No more time.
Give to the night
Your last departure,
While you venture close
To these arms, to these eyes
That nestle you beyond streams,
Beyond tears,
Beyond these years.

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