Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – First 10 Poems – 8/14/2021

Poem #1

“Weeping among Feathers”

Apart from the sun,
As the seasons come undone
To reveal where teardrops fell
As anchors to the fetid mist.
Your arms in the rain,
In the attempt to drench the pain.

Tied together in savage looseness,
While winter ceases the hail
That Springtime had called down –

Upon your displayed frown.
You forever wish to decay
More than either leaves or Heaven.
With clasped hands,
To send prayers for crippled towns
As mirrors raise from sands.

The feathers adorn you,
Raise you to the hour of blue –

When teardrops will create a route
Outside of dreams and bloodstreams,
Apart from withering moments
When your broken wings dance about.

I will be the relit sun
To offer you daylight with thunder –

For one, with the memory
With two for captured symmetry.

A bolt of sadness still curses you.
I will rain the sun’s glory
To raise you –

To the ever-resplendent blue
Gathering from grey to be anew.

Poem #2

“To Soften your Landing”

Always sunlight, always the path
That never stretches far in your wandering.
A trail you have left for the swath,
Droplets of blood, outside the cage.
Your wings remain afloat,
While your head falls with the stars.
Can you count the dreams,
Those details you hurled from the page?

Sickness would have you rest.
Did you ever smile
During the turn of every while
We caressed the storm,
We were thunder in our arms?

Holding your hand, in a cradle
That keeps you floating
Atop the velvet, beneath the streams
Broken from my curtained eyes.
When to the moment our hearts fly –

We can break the seconds in two,
Without receding from where we undo
All pain that kept us sinking.

While you bleed without speaking
Tiny words from foreign smiles,
As none were true upon the mile –

We did steal the shadows back
To coat the wings
With the ocean’s touch,
Wide upon the span of a life.

Wide with the reach of a hand
That embraces you upon the soft land.

Poem #3

“Snow upon the Wings”

For the grain,
To fade with the pain.
While melting with the snow,
The moon knelt with you
To see your eyes
In the crystal, brought low.
For each face –

There to be traced,
Love kneads a whisper
Through the mist and winds.

Love kept you soaring
Even with the tears sent backwards,
Upon their journey ashore.

You will face Heaven,
Upon the place your flight ends.
When you smile,
Look to the clouds, to the mile
When we traced our faces,
Made whispers out as messages –

Carved out statues for our arms,
Built for our kisses.
Upon the sand –

Will you find that broken hand?
No memories did depart
On the ships, gathering broken hearts.

Nothing will be cast aside
To the darker side of the moon.
Your pain to fade
Is enough for life to stay.

Poem #4


When you were traced
Smaller than each grain of sand
To display where you fell,
While I held onto hope’s grace.
Deep in overflowing cups,
Drunk on the flavor I cusped –

Same with the trickles to your lips,
Before finding a way to the earth.
You were beautiful in all moments,
Before the wind clipped your wings.

I want to keep tasting
What I have lost.
Its span in the desert,
Its loss in life, wasting –

Precious moments beneath graves,
Instead of healing above waves.

I kiss hands for them to stay
Upon pebbles that cannot decay.

I loved with a weeping smile
Not to recede of any ache.
I waited, while barges had passed,
Carrying scents not of flowers
Past the stretching grass,
The ever-feathery horizon.
I wait, while nothing wakes –

Yourself, for the seasons
To take the shape of a bird
Whose wings were the span of life.

Keep kissing what little is meant
To find time where it went.

Poem #5

“Dare I be a Bird?”

Dare I see the coast
Where kisses are brought to shore?
Dare I rush to boast
What others murder for,
Leaving scars that never soar?
Dare I face the blue,
Holding tears back, that renew –

Themselves, upon the faded you?
Weeping without gravity.
Facing up, in disparity.

Towards the skies,
Towards where your leaves descend
Into these unfurled hands.

Would I wander these winds,
Grieving with each scar and sin?

Dare I know you beneath wings,
Living where joy always sings?

Dare I believe in immortal love,
Speaking in riddled riddles,
While an interlude of calm plays
For seasons to stretch above?

Dare you fell your form
On the crystal highway?
Dare we dream apart, far away?

Poem #6

“In Love with a Raven”

Fewest pictures in the background
Speak to me repeated sounds
For your fairness, beneath the blackness
Where you conceal the smooth ripples,
The flowing tracks to paddle backwards
To your razor eyes in the sadness.

How often have you concealed this wound,
Carrying on, upon man-made lakes?
How desperation digs you deep
Beneath craters, in Hell –

Gently dropping tears into those wells.
In love with a raven,
As her mate waits within Heaven.

Blow faint kisses in the smoke,
Attempt to heal the heart that broke.

Blackest of auras, above pages burned –

As love letters where lipstick stains
Spots, for feelings learned.

How often to find the wound –

Knowing its veil before the ceremony
To a raven in matrimony?
While the skies open and close –

Remain your eyes to the latter,
That a final kiss will raise you as greater.

Poem #7

“Catch the Sunset”

Fold your wings,
Catch the flame a moment more,
While a flicker can be adored.
You are one bird,
While left with nothing to sing
During a tortured midnight.

Stir yourself, atop boughs,
Catching the flame brought low.

You are one of a kind,
While senseless in mind.
You weave tracks –

With nowhere to place a diamond
A teardrop ever gave you.

You fly forward to the dark,
Even as the velvet sky
Rains to stain your flight.
You transfer back the burning eye
With light to ignite a heart.

If caring to allure the watchers,
A teeming surf may please –

Where you go to stay
As puddles leave your reflection,
A twisted understanding of persistence –

While you break at the crest.
Love the world, while raising high
A weight that cannot cry.

Find your life, to then rest.

Poem #8

“Murder of Sleep”

Sifting through memories in pictures
Bled through a glimmer, a stream
Where Hell raises the sun for your capture
In the lasting rose, upon razor petals.
You leave fog for these eyes,
Weeping stains, unbinding the seams –

While ships toss hearts, overboard.
Can we renew our image
With familiar landscapes, decadent cityscapes?

Can we hold hands, while the earth escapes
Beneath the cradled, postured balance?
We want to love, while the moon allows entrance.

From the bottom of floating rivers,
Fish rise to us, to deliver –

Ourselves to the countless stars.
We beat with the hearts,
Devour ourselves in the calls,
A murder of sleep, amid silent wars.

A thief would enter our room,
With a promise never to remove
The silence of us, concealed in gloom.
While mistakes are wept as many
With the stars, the scars, counted to eternity.

A stolen token of red,
While we are stilled among the dead.
We remain beneath wings, enthralling the night,
Deep in the circles of the other’s eyes –

Murdering sleep, upon bottomless cries.
We bury the mantle, kill the throne,
Journeying for reflections, with everything known.

Poem #9

“Paper-Clipped Wings”

With each breath that never makes it
To the wick, that it should be unlit.
With all faces that speak the vibrant curse
On lips, concealed of a veiled message
That love bleeds on, for better or worse.
Pages connected at their grip,
Holding weather to its writer’s eyes,
With clouds waving the sun goodbye –

On the road, the landscape that dried
With tears replacing marble with plaster,
Covering sincerity with cornerstone.
A loss, at every edge –

While white-out dresses your pledge
Upon the page, garbed for the ceremony
To your blank gown, in the imaginary.

Wings that fold to the blinded vision
For your freedom at night,
Gleaming as a dying star, within sight –

For no smiles, ever clearer
Than the wells in your eyes, of water.

A message strapped to the voice,
A clear note in the blood,
Upon ever-defeatd smiles gone unnoticed,
Clipped of wings, severed of streams.

Each droplet in the wells –

For your un-drying gaze,
Stains a boat traversing the haze.

Speak from your unbalanced heart –

To wait for the current, in your yearning.
Swim to where daylight is sending –

Your crippled state to soar,
Above tortured seas you adore.

Poem #10

“Tears for Feathered Symmetry”

Pull all the curtains,
Teardrops were better the diamonds
Than the gold that circles them,
Being the predator, being certain.
Fold your lids over sapphire,
As the blue in your soul kneels
To find meaning in the dark,
Waiting inside an earthen heart.

I stain your lips with figurative words,
Trembling at hands, waiting for a merge
Where union is the symmetry.
At the final voyage,
Where wine is tasted before tears,
Could we attach our hearts to eternity?

Stillness at the life of you,
With hands cupsing no water to renew
At the ending of grief into joy.

Suddenness at the pleasures employed,
While an anchor drops your nest
At the spot the waves crest.

Your home is an illuminated background,
Setting suns with the scenery.
With your back to the faint glimmers –

Razor winds caught in your hair,
As eons pass in unawares.

Can you hold open the dividing line,
While I brand kisses to your lips?

Embers sink through, as heartbeats skip
As rocks for lakes of missing shine.
You could gravitate
To your favored softness,
While loyalty is the winds of laughter,
In all directions where sensations matter.

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