Poem – “Where the Moon Sheds its Glow” – 11/7/2022

I keep pondering. Looking over
your shoulders and mine,
caught in a sudden dance
of unified paranoia.
I bring you closer to find eyes
exactly like mine. I hear your sighs
comparable to breezes
that send leaves spiraling.
We dance in this continual twist,
hearing our names flooded
at our decaying feet.

All we have committed
in these regained hours
is a relit torch. A heart that burns
and never wants to cry.

But this moon, above,
will keep us forever motionless,
at least in what we know.
Love burns with the chemistry,
is a connection through our minds.
Are we fearful to know something else,
something that we cannot sow?

Would we begin a flame
that might, upon another heartbeat
find its way out?

A door would close at our touch,
our eyes no longer seeking pleasure
in another blaze. Here we stay,
remaining unfazed, while someday
we’ll go gray. We’ll have words
still to store in melded hands,
to bury under quaking lands.

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