Quote – “Why Love has Developed Human Societies” – 7/24/2020

“Protection of culture. Protection of tradition. Protection of a nation against invaders. This is love, being what prolongs the longevity of humanity. We are halted, down upon our knees in fear, not submission to love’s guidance, when not ever embraced. Love has developed each human society, because through protection, nothing can crumble. We find, beyond the fear and doubts, that through love, anything can be possible. It is that through love, we find a better reason to live than to simply survive.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Vulnerability is the Key to Strength” – 7/23/2020

“Think of the mind as related to the muscles, when we exercise to break down the fibers so that our limbs can grow stronger after rest. To be vulnerable, is in the same idea. We operate on a choice that breaks us down, only for us to grow when we rest, when we contemplate on the consequences. That is called being responsible. That is called being mature.

When we encounter any trial in our lives, to do anything that requires risk, we break ourselves open upon the task before us. Like an egg, we crack ourselves open upon what we face. In being vulnerable during those moments, we are soon to grow when we repair ourselves, either through what we took a risk in, or when we are betrayed. Because, like muscles, we grow stronger after we rest, after we have been broken down.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “An Example to why Love Dominates Lust” – 7/19/2020

“If one can comprehend with ease, that the mind controls the human form of arms and legs, like a puppeteer controlling their puppet, then it should be easily comprehended that love controls lust. By that meaning, it is the mind being of love, that dominates the form being of lust. Love dominates lust, by the mind using what is always the tool. Though, in that, it is to say that the mind will protect the form, by controlling it to never perform the unwise decision. By the mind or love, dominating the body or lust, is to state that what loves protects what is weak. For the body is like lightning, to be gone, in an instant, at the stupid mind that controlled the obedient form. As the mind leads the form, it is always love that should lead the headless sheep in the herd.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Definition of an Interpretation” – 7/16/2020

“An interpretation holds a singular meaning: to splinter away what is perceived to be a whole, into now an incompletion. The incomplete picture is the entire picture interpreted. One can look at what it means to interpret something like tearing off a fragment of a portrait painting, such as the drawn-in mouth, so that only the nose, eyes, and cheeks remain. An interpretation is to simply pull away a portion of what was once complete, to now be incomplete.”

– A Fine Line for Justice

Quote – “Love is not Quantity” – 7/14/2020

“One cannot mass produce quality. Such is physically impossible. For the average human does not understand quality, as much as they understand ‘the craving’. A human craves, to benefit their body. It is that the form can be the only thing mass produced. Were the mind mass produced, it would be the same as love mass produced. Such is, as well, physically impossible, because love is not even physical. It is metaphysical, meaning that it cannot be constructed, or even what constructs the self. It it what constructs another person, in the gift.

Love is the quality, whereas lust is the quantity. We are not attracted by love, at first glance, as much as attraction relates to lust. It is the number, before it splits off from the rest. Then, it becomes attached to us, in a oneness of knowledge, being of the mind.

Love must be the brief spark of lust, at first glance to another, making the challenge to see that one as either among the rest, or apart from the rest.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Of Human Kindness” – 7/2/2020

“Human kindness is crafted behind closed doors, when our weaknesses compel us to show vulnerability where a darkness be adapted to, by the other’s eyes. A human crafting of Hell, is so external as to be far from closed doors. Though, to set that blaze to the world must have first been sparked, in betrayal, during that former setting of privacy.

We are never private with Hell, though we are always careful with nakedness.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “A Thing about Fear” – 6/29/2020

“Does a person fear for themselves, or do they fear for someone else? Were a president or prime minister say about an immigrant that they must be kept outside the nation’s borders ‘for their own safety’, would that be hatred, or would that be fear? It would not be ‘racist’, because in this sense, it is just fear. It is fear. It is, because one will inevitably fear for themselves, or for what is kept out. For the same reason as one does not allow intruders in their house, is the same reason why one does not allow a healthy person into a house full of sick people. It is either fear for the self, or fear for someone else. It is fear.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “Not One Person is Special…” – 6/14/2020

“Not one person is special to the reflection of themselves. For the only time a person is deemed as such, is through another person’s gaze. We are all vulnerable, until we are lifted by another person’s arms, shown that we are special through their eyes. Were there to be the last person to live in a world, there’d only be darkness and loneliness, not love. For love cannot come upon the self. It comes through discovery and exploration. We land upon that which we cannot part with, and say to others they are unable to touch our possession. When we love, we have forged a specialty. We have made something of someone else, through their vulnerable, bare, and raw self. For each wholeness in this world was crafted from pieces.”

– Anonymous

Philosophy – “In the Mass Production of Minorities” – 6/7/2020

By what it refers to, the mass production of minorities, the creation of identities, is less of a focus on truth, and more of a focus on deception. By what this means, we are showing less of a focus on life and expression, and more of a focus on division. Such means, that through a focus on division, we are focusing on our identity or appearance, in our want to have it stand out more than another’s. We are not in the want to know someone else, through this upholding of our own self-worth.

In having less of a focus on expression, and more of a focus on identification or origin, we focus less on creating what can stem from an origin, and more on the creation of identities.

The mass production of people with their identities, is never going to be defined as the quality to which comes from an origin. An origin, being made up of traditions and values, cannot be mass produced without lessening the value within those traditions, and thus, stifling the quality into the mere quantity of them. To say that each person upon Earth holds their own origin, is merely negating the fact that every life to a person begins with pain, with struggle. For to live, means to have beaten the anguish and despair that held one back from life.

The mass production of minorities is merely the mass production of identities, of the pain that sources division by what “division” references. That is, division references a lack of comprehension upon how another person began. We believe we are unique, compared to them, or in contrast to them. Don’t we all have the same beginnings, like having the same endings? Is any person not simply born, or is any person not simply dead?

There is no uniqueness to a person’s identity or origin, as much as there’s always a uniqueness to a person’s expression from that origin. Such means, that there is a uniqueness to the expressiveness within life.

One cannot comprehend another without that expression, that would be related to an art form. Thus, without such comprehension, and with so much of a focus on identification, there is division.

Philosophy – “The Overuse of the Word ‘Process'” – 5/13/2020

Not everything is a process, because not everything is predictable in terms of its steps. Grief, for one, is not a process. It is because grief is the most unpredictable reaction to trauma. Are we, in our scientific age, in the desire to control something so uncontrollable as human emotions? That could be our calling, considering how Psychiatry operates.

A process is meant to be defined as set of stages, planned out, though was thought of before the occurrence. As in, the plan was set in motion, to something that is predictable. Something that a computer works on, for instance, is predictable. That is because we are meant to have control over the computer. Again, something like grief is never controlled, universally, from person to person. We have control over machines, as this is fine. Though, to introduce control over humans, over human emotions, over human reactions, such people who are create this are our new slave-masters.

It seems that everything is called a process, despite how some of those events are never predictable. Are we therefore treating the brain as something like a computer? Are we wanting to eliminate every human flaw, so that we become robotic? If so, then we are mere tools, while humanity becomes buried.

It should be worth noting that humanity can only be buried, not killed. A human’s humanity is something that makes up a human. Were a person to replace their flesh and organs with metal to become a machine, they’d still need a human component to be considered operational. It is to say that humanity is powerful enough to make it absolutely impossible to be completely inhuman. Even evil people, for how much they’ve succumbed to their delusions, are not totally without human qualities. This is what defines humanity. A human turned machine, is the same as the human turned psychopath, though it is impossible for a human to become 100% machine, or 100% inhuman, or 100% psychopathic.

A heart, or perhaps even just a singular blood vessel, makes the human turned machine/inhuman have a weakness. It is like wearing your heart on your sleeve, so to speak, and becomes the very objective reality that humanity is defined as imperfection.

Therefore, what is controlled? It is the machine, not the human. A human cannot become perfect, therefore the human cannot become a machine to be controlled. We, as humans, strive to control so much, though when do we ever learn to control what we do? Our self-control is about as limited as humanity is imperfect.

A “process” is not something a human can be run through, like some robot on an assembly line to be constructed. What makes a human most arrogant is when they believe themselves fearless or unable to be dominated. That also makes them the weakest. For the largest weakness of all, is in the belief that one possesses none at all. That “heart on the sleeve” is the weak spot, because the most hideous of demons have also exposed the most of themselves. Like it has been said, humanity can only become buried, not killed. Buried, not killed, meaning that it is ignored. Like God, it is ignored, believed to be dead, non-existent, though becomes the most revealing thing to blind eyes.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Of Scientific Assimilation” – 4/20/2020

“When it comes to assimilation, it comes to the gathering of flesh, the gathering of subjects, the ‘gathering of opinions’, or even the gathering of votes, such people are continually observed by scientific eyes. What has this to do with the tool? A tool, being of direct opposite contrast to a human treated with an individual mind or with intellect, has much to do with those who can be used or replaced. One objectively loves a human for their mind, not for their form. Should one claim to love a human for their form, they are only feeling sorry for the damage done unto it.

The tool is always damaged if one does not take proper care of it.”

Poem – “This Black Journey” – Romance – 4/14/2020

As I’ll leave you on the edge

You’ll bleed over me, your emotions and pledges.

What did you first think of love

My saved darling?

Your bluest tears,

Your reddest lips,

Your palest face

Doesn’t seem to lift from the sadness

Where you drink it through.

You swear to me,

That life did not leave you once this way

Upon a day

I did not meet you.

Now my words seem to eclipse and breed thorns

On your worn heart.

Why do I hope?

Why do I grope

For something so empty

As you?

Blood seems to be buried,

Just as much as love,

Just as much as my sheltering arms

That never moved.