Quote – “Why Love has Developed Human Societies” – 7/24/2020

“Protection of culture. Protection of tradition. Protection of a nation against invaders. This is love, being what prolongs the longevity of humanity. We are halted, down upon our knees in fear, not submission to love’s guidance, when not ever embraced. Love has developed each human society, because through protection, nothing can crumble. We find, beyond the fear and doubts, that through love, anything can be possible. It is that through love, we find a better reason to live than to simply survive.”

– Modern Romanticism

7 thoughts on “Quote – “Why Love has Developed Human Societies” – 7/24/2020”

  1. I read somewhere that through evolution, the brain developped hormones, the equivalent of the feeling of love so that everything you wrote about in this post became possible.

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    1. Then, it must also be true that without love, nothing is possible. We merely tear each other apart, tear each other down… dissect, dissect, dissect.

      Ever come in contact with that person who says, “Don’t generalize my issue?” I have to wonder if they feel special with whatever issues are bothering them. I never took the term “generalize” as to mean to trivialize a problem. I take it as to mean to not make the problem larger than it already is. Though, people will say the words, “Don’t generalize me!” or “Don’t think I’m the same as them!” Again, it’s like they think they’re unique in their faults, which to me, is ridiculous.

      If all we do is break down a problem, and try to figure it out, piece by piece, we merely left with more questions than we have answers. The more individual fragments of a whole that we make, the more questions there are, the more confusion there is.

      If there’s a problem in the world, then perhaps it shouldn’t be broken down through reason. Perhaps through what we’re mentioning here, through love, it should remain as is, and will simply vanish because we’re not feeding the demon.

      It’s like a Democrat looking at “racism” like it’s one of the world’s biggest problems. He or she thinks that, though it is actually true that “racism” originates from fear, not hatred. The cop who pulls out their gun to shoot the unarmed black man was fearing for their own life. Meanwhile, the black man is fearing for his own life with a gun pointed at him. There is fear on both sides. Thus, you have what idiots call “racism”, that even the dumber sorts will say is one-sided in where it originates. What I say is that racism can come from any direction it pleases. In fact, it probably originates from a source of equality, when the common Democrat will say that racism is an aspect of inequality.

      Fear is that equality, because everyone feels it.


    2. If one wants to break something down that originates from fear, then it will merely create more division, in the more fragments unto questions it causes.

      While love builds, reason breaks down. What a human seeks, is power. Power results from something broken down, and then repaired evermore stronger.

      To break down the so-called problem of “racism”, being something that originates from fear, makes what it originates from, the power, while tyrants are born from it. That is, the average Democrat only seeks to create a Tyranny through this “breakdown concept”, because they are deluding people into focusing on what is not a problem at all. Because, if it is not focused on, then the problem simply vanishes.

      Why would a person choose to focus on what makes them afraid, during any given time, when they can focus on what makes them strong? It is for the same reason.

      To summarize…

      To break down a thing like racism that originates from fear… would make fear the controller/manipulator of the problem, over a human who seeks a cure… making what would cure, being love, not the focus. Fear controls the issue, because in focusing on a topic like racism, one focuses on fear. One deludes another into believing it to be a vendetta, or hatred, despite none of these instances on the News being that personal. For as hatred is as intimate as love, a Democrat will make this the problem, because of its one-sidedness.

      Therefore, if racism is merely understood as originating from fear, then equality is also understood. Though, that doesn’t factor into competition, if everyone actually gets along, does it?

      Once more, power is the result of breaking something down into tinier and tinier fragments, in the attempt to build something new from something old or believed to be “obsolete”.


      1. Speaking of power and racism, rich and powerful Africans are more ruthless to their fellow poor Africans than any white racist in the US. It surprised to hear this from a friend who was in Liberia for humanitarian aid. Which means that power is inequality and creates more inequalities. So racism from power? Totally logical.

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    3. It must be that the current system seeks to spread “racism” as an issue, while the next step must be to seize control of that toxic fear, to have everything under control.

      It has been the case that a tyrant has broken down, even of themselves.

      Imagine that. The breaking down of things ends in the breaking down of the focus and consciousness of the tyrant. For how he focused on fear, now he fears himself, his next move, and becomes defeated.


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