Poem – “Recession back to Numbness” – Romance – 12/23/2019

Winter has me breathing
This cascading silver air,
Across your delicate forehead,

As you’ll recede with your elegance
Back to where you belong.
A den of darkness,
Is where you find comfort,
And I do not belong
In such a realm.

I am sick,
Though, you seem to be healthy.
You have cheeks that sparkle the radiance
Of that health, of all youth
Displayed for me, once to kiss,
Now to mourn,
Because I cannot follow
To where you thrive.
I wish to be here, for I do not cling to fear.

I do not cling to the place
Where rats and mice crawl,
Like splendid blankets.
Over the termites and the beetles,
In distant alleys,
Like a droplet of sweat
That carries soot.

There is so much Hell, that you crave,
And never the peace, that I have saved
For you to consume,
Because, the grave beneath your feet,
Has already been exhumed,
And you have risen, from somewhere, from anywhere,
To see me, like a child, been bathed in ashes.

Why do I cry?
When I should still breathe, why do I weep?

I know the world and us, were not for any celebration,
Because the past has encrusted itself, in your worn heart.

Poem – “As I am Alone…” – Romance – 12/23/2019

Rain comes as the fewest petals,
To break themselves upon the shores of my cheeks,
I had loved you, with all the grains upon my heart,
I felt your suffering, for what it truly was,
Though, I am alone.
I am alone, without you.
I am alone, to kiss my own tears, in this bleakness.

In this winter of my heart, where Hell reigns eternally
Upon this consciousness, upon my light.

When you had died away,
I was consumed
By my madness,
By my grief,
In this storm, of sinew and bone,
In this storm, of grief and disbelief.
I feel only the shame of knowing
That to part from you,
Means I’ll not know myself.

Grief is triumphant,
As I am alone,
Hell is over Heaven, and Heaven is beneath Hell,
What love do I still possess,
To share with this forsaken world?
Still alone,
As I may forever be,
Under hopes so transparent,
That they look away from me.

And, the brief falling of those fewest raindrops,
Among the flakes of snow,
Are to where I shall go,
Because the cold is all I know, without the warmth.

Poem – “The Way She Danced above My Soul” – Romance – 12/22/2019

I once craved the song,
The words from her parted and heavy mouth.
The little seeds that I bled into her womb,
Were only the lives I slew away to the tomb.
I once craved the song,
The grave where I felt her belong.
She was a mere ghost laying heavy
Alike the lips, that were too, parted and hanging,
Like the two fingers that hushed my own.

I sung outwards to see,
As well, I sung
To believe.
To believe what’s there to grieve
Over, in the newness of deceit.
And, as I bleed,
I was given the note,
The one that said, “No one is there to see you,
Because all you’ve left, is yourself.”

Her parted lips, and singing smile,
I grew a few tears, for the while,
From my eyes, they descended,
And from her mouth, four words ascended,
“Love doesn’t share well,”
And I knew what it felt like, to be in Hell,
Embraced I was, by her,
And I never touched a single thing,
Besides myself.

Selfish me,
Woeful me,
I am skilled in a singular art,
The act of loneliness is where I part
From a woman, in death, where she did start
To tear me up from soil,
Where grief and its embedded pain,
Knows what soul to foil,
And I am the skilled one.

Poem – “She has Made Me Want…” – Romance – 12/22/2019

She has made me want
To die.
She has made me want
To cry.
To weep cries of softness
And greater bitterness,
Into these hands that tremble,

For I am sick to my utter core.

In my failure,
I am still in my mind.
I have faulted everything
In all my failure.

And yet,
To feel guilt is noble,
Is it not?

My health, I care not for it.
My mind, I care not for it.
Only the memory of a dear, do I hold in my palm,
As it rots so frequently
With the passage of a few drops of time.

Little noble guilt that I feel,
And I wonder
Why my words feel so empty.

I see distortion in the letters,
As pain rides my back,
And I know
It is still her.

Poem – “For every Lie…” – Romance – 12/22/2019

For every punishment,
For every sin,
For every kiss,
For every period of denial,

We are the thorns without the rose,
Just merely the pain, without the bliss.

And without faith,
We weren’t there with sincerity to each kiss.

I am breath,
I am bone,
I am death,
And I am stone.
The rocks upon your shoreline,
And the thumbscrews on your outline,
You are pinned,
And I am loose.
I meant not for me to be free,
And yet, I am here to grieve.

Incarnate me in your mind,
Where I may,
Just may,
One day,
Arouse myself in your kind,
Though not in the love, where we’ve been so blind.

Poem – “Shattered before Survival” – Romance – 12/21/2019

You, with lips that aimed to kiss,
Were interlocked with something you dearly missed.

The frightening desire to fan the flame you wield,
And yet, for my love, you’d not stoop down that very shield
That blocked my way to your fervent heart.

Little woman of a certain void,
Of a shell,

And, had I lost you on a whim?
Had I lost you in this winter, within?
My love dances upon a heart, my own, that does not even grin.

I failed, where you survived
Upon the ashes of a life you despised.

Misery was but a comfort, to my frozen mind,
With all feathers that were shed from an eagle
From a raven, that soared above this deserted Hell.
We were,
For our gentle faces,
The most unbecoming thing
That the world could not take.
Most becoming, however, for what could ever break.

A heart, is all it took, so old and yet
So resplendent.

So beautiful,
Is the terror upon our weathered lips.

Poem – “As a Witness to your Downfall” – Romance – 12/21/2019

We are revealed, before an Earth that has concealed
Its face for too long.
Here is place we’ll both escape to, in the realm of our disgrace,
Death is a final place, that we both had to face.

We stared into Death’s face,
And spat upon it.
Now when love is still culled, like one population too overgrown,
Like thistle become twig; like rose become ashes.

And we each dance upon scattered remains, with our nostrils to the wind,
To smell our lives finding someone else’s bravery,
For we require saving.
We require saving.

We require the face of love,
That does not die.
And I am witness to your downfall,
You, as a murderer to a vision,
I once described,
To be alike a place that cannot vanish,
Because, all it does is thrive.
And yet, all you wanted was to survive.

And I have asked you,
“Beloved, do you know the difference
Between what it means to survive,
And to live?”

Perplexity surrounded your gaze,
For my words to you, were only a haze.

Poem – “The Love Thrown Together” – Romance – 12/21/2019

Amorous, you are, upon my lips,
In our love thrown together,
Like two stones against their white surfaces,

Like two faces that clash in untold heat,
Like two moons that beat upon the other, their doors made of stone,
Like two chins that rub the other, each surface made of bone.

We are for the other,
As the love thrown together.

Kisses are continually shared,
While treasures are always worn
As these kisses,
As these wishes.

Beauty becomes a life-long majesty
As your arms, as your face, as your lips with their pearly appearance,
A little thing called “death” is nothing,
As all the angels weep in envy for your attraction,

Because, what could end, besides the age that grows over,
To wilt our love thrown together?

Wilderness with brambles and seeds,
My face is a cloud,
My love is an entertainment,

For you to bleed your future into, for immeasurable joy.
We will dance, and kiss,
We will kiss, and laugh.

Poem – “The Memory of You in My Mouth” – Romance – 12/20/2019

How children stream their tears,
Down their faces, reeking with the innocence
That Nature has gifted them,
And yet, the little romances between a boy and a girl,
Are a lot like how we once were,
Without tragedy to melt our dreams into a reality.

Reality is the dark complexion,
That you blew over romance and its element.
You drew near to the darkness of survival,
And became its pawn, its own child,
While I was only a child, before you.
Little worthless imagining called a romance, you defiled.

I was obsessed with a dream,
While you obsessed with a dryness
To your mind,
And never my heart,
That ached with the bitter misfortune of what was to take place,
In everything lacking of truest grace.

Why do I taste my own tears, when I should taste your own?
Why do I taste my own strewn hair, when I should taste your own?
I seem to have faulted my own actions,
You pathetic thing.
I seem to have faulted my own actions,
To you, my pathetic thing.

Poem – “Stone Cold against your Breast” – Romance – 12/19/2019

Stone and ivory have a clash, that repeats
Itself, in frequent cues.
Alike the shores of pebbled beaches, to walk upon their texture,
And then to notice,
How some may stick upon the soles of a foot.

And I am against your breast,
The ivory texture that is much alike
The soles of your feet,
That had plodded course after course, over my soul,
When I was not looking.

I was merely a tool,
Was I not?
I am now a man who wishes vengeance
Against you.
And I will have it,
With all the fury where once encapsulated
Merely desire, to have you near.
And I have you near, at this time,
Though, I only hear own my heartbeat, and it rages rapidly.
It rages, because I know I have lost.

Fewest tresses against my cheeks
Are not my own.
They are yours, little woman, once beloved.
My anger has no focus.
It merely goes
In directions, untold, and away from me,
Away from my own control.
I repeat, that I wish for vengeance,
To wage war against you,
And I repeat, that I will have it, for you are loved, no longer.

Poem – “The Cold against your Throat” – Romance – 12/18/2019

Winter is my wisdom,
My horror and my way.
Little kisses are there to land, themselves
Upon your long and gifted neck,
That I admire to its porcelain texture.
I am enamored by you, and all the despair you throw out,
To your naked feet.
Beautiful creature of all my savage wisdom,
I will kiss you, until the end of every new tomorrow.

You have lashes alike the bared twigs upon the winter tree,
As its branches are much alike
Your hands with branching veins.
You have eyes that are alike
The moon above the lake, waving its luminescence
Upon the frozen waters,
And I am nuptial in your gaze,
Your gaze of amorous fear.
Nine times, we cry with faces so alike the children at our feet.

They pule, too, with masks showing all innocence
That could ever be noticed, of them.

You desire more, do you?
Little lady of a void, who has formed a hole in my swollen heart,
We’ll come crashing like waves that were separated,
By the moon above that split apart,
So evenly that it wished itself, again, to come together.

What is the mask that you make,
During when I kiss the throat that has frozen, itself?
Your throat, with ivory texture and blue-watered veins,
What is the disease that you break

For me to enjoy in its tempestuous motion, upon my weathered tongue?

We are crowned by guilt,
In this love, for a heart we’ve filled.

Poem – “To How we Share our Love, Apart” – Romance – 12/18/2019

Upon sticks and brambles, and everything taken from the trees,
Love, we do, with our hearts spread, over everything new.
Like two fossils, once beautiful and full of scenery.

Like two trees, now collapsed, with kisses running over
As the remaining twigs that caress.

I am in love, or had I ever been?
We are, as we’d always been, split in two halves,
Death makes no sound, by itself.
Beautiful, we are, and tormented, as stars,
I find fragrance in your heart, as pungent as the soil beneath us.

We’ve grown over everything.
And, as we thought to share our happiness

With the unpleasant world,
Our hearts were seen to be the purest creations, bought by love,
On shores, on seas created by tears, flooded from eyes of marble.

We are in love, or had we ever been?
Beautiful matrimony is only for our leaves, the children who fall away.

Upon this autumnal day of days.
I have only been quelled by a loud heart, that beats with fear,
To remind me that I am not in love, any longer.