Philosophy – “Why Science cannot Study Love” – 1/27/2021

“There comes a moment between a daunting pair for both sets of eyes, when something occurs from nothing. That is love. That is what nothing can observe, other than the two who came to comprehend what they felt.”

– Modern Romanticism

There are far too many scientific research studies attempting to predict or to replicate the sequence of when love takes place. This is an impossibility for science, because it relies on the subject of “the choice”. As in, who would one choose, based on these characteristics, for instance. Or, who would one choose, based on outward appearances, as another example. That is not love.

When it comes to preference, it is about lust. It is about the gain, the reward, the materialistic prize for which all things lie embedded in the flesh. When a man and a woman are connected in sexual intercourse, both sides feel pleasure. As in, both sides gain something. No one is meant to be lacking from the “satisfaction”.

Satisfaction relies on materialism. Whereas, anything other than the material, of something so invisible to the eye, would relate itself to love. In fact, it might relate itself to divinity. Of divinity, to something so immaterial that it would be called “imaginary”. As it is within such scientific studies of love, to “imagine” the preference of a person, displayed before the subject to find worthy of a relationship, is again, to see something material. It pertains to preference. As the subject imagines the specific characteristics for the study, it becomes materialized in their mind. They imagine it, to materialize it, so that whatever is seen in the imagination can be received with either approval or disapproval.

If something so powerful as love cannot be imagined by humans, then it must not even be an emotion. Pertaining to the divine, it must be beyond what makes a person so imperfect due to emotions. Love must be the perfection that cannot be imagined, because it has not yet been seen. For nothing of the future, where love always goes in the heroism for which it stands, can be comprehended without feeling fear, being love’s opposite. If we are too uncertain about the future, then we feel fear. Though, of what has “not yet been seen”, would make of love the most unpredictable of processes to occur. We cannot simply predict what can either be given or taken of us, in the next moment. Such would pertain itself to life or death.

How is it that science can attempt to replicate or predict a future relationship, when such a thing, as love, “has not yet been seen”? This would pertain to some religions, that speak of how such a love can be seen, after death. Or, such would refer to the “quitting of life”, to how love can replace the continual stream of life’s desire to replace materialism with materialism. As in, to heal a wound of the flesh, such as the breaking of a woman’s virginity. Replacing flesh with flesh, is a lot like a person replacing brokenness with something else easily able to break. How hard is it for a person to replace who they love with someone else to love? How cruel is it to even suggest it?

As it is, a relationship is as unpredictable as not fully realizing the self. One cannot “prefer” whoever it is they indeed fall in love with, same as one cannot predict such a person before them. There could be many happily married couples, who have said, repeatedly to themselves, “The one I love was not who I ever expected. However, I love them, because there is no one else.”

No one else to love, because there is no one else to prefer. Love eternally satisfies a person, unlike how materialism soothes one in the mere short-term. There is no science that can study love, without relying on material evidence. Such evidence would only inevitably prove itself as counter-productive to understanding love. For that is because we, as humans, cannot understand love, divine of an emotion as it is. It is beyond the mere study, in comprehension.


    1. I believe it, too.

      Love had to have begun everything. It’s a far more powerful force than what is let on in some cheesy romance novel.

      If all a person can do is look forward, in terms of hope, then it is love that always warms our backs, always breezes our sails, always keeps us moving.

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