Words of Wisdom – “To Silence a Government/The Other End of Slavery” – Political Philosophy – 11/29/2019

Two types of slavery, to which only one is ever being regarded as even in existence. To beat, would only mean to silence into obedience.

To silence the black slave, makes the black slave obedient.

To silence a slave’s master, would be done so, through words.

The “voice of reason” calls a slave to say that slavery is a wrong. Yet, the slave with that voice is a slave-master, himself.

In today’s time, we employ the more hidden, the more subtle form of slavery. It is the slavery that possesses the mind, unable to ever become “outlawed”. Such a Liberal government will only ever, upon outlawing the ability to speak, upon outlawing the ability to express, revive the slavery against the body.

Firearms and fists, will be the revived banner towards freedom.

This all only proves that humans control nothing.

We are not so much “part of Nature”, since we desperately desire to control it. We are fools, in that regard.

When a slave rises against slave-master, he will do so with first, the fist, and then “cover his tracks”, and create a new name for himself, with the “voice of reason”. Although, as has been noticed, such people who name themselves as “victims” are utilizing words, being the replacement for the whip, to silence anyone against their words, alone. “Only our words are to be heeded and paid any mind,” said perhaps the black slave.

Anyone who speaks, will be told they are “racist”, as such a word has, again, become the replacement for the whip.

The whip silenced a black slave.

To be called a “racist” is now a word, or a tool, replacing the whip, used to silence someone.

And the “victims” now look down upon a leadership, making themselves appear taller than what they have deemed to be “too powerful”.

Who is the one with power?

Words of Wisdom – “The Slavery of the Mind” – 8/17/2019

“There are two forms of slavery, not merely one the one that comes to ordinary thought as chains, whips, and shackles. Mind and body are the two separations and the two focuses for each human. When the body is manipulated by the slaver, the slave begins to think for themselves. That is, the worker will have a personal goal. When the mind is manipulated by the slaver, the slave begins to have a personal focus on their body. In today’s time, when the body is a focus for women, it is because their mind has been enslaved. This makes the woman objectively never take proper care of her body. Should her intelligence be a focus for her, then her beauty comes as second-nature, and needs no obsessive focus. She can merely look beautiful, without thinking about it.

The slavery to the mind, is the second form of slavery seemingly made to be ‘subjective’ for today’s world. Drugs enslave the mind, and then when the mind is influenced by these drugs, the body is manipulated on its own. To enslave the mind, makes the body become the easy puppet. That is, the slave needs no direct master who calls himself ‘master’. That is, the slave will enslave themselves, and still call themselves ‘free’. That is to say that the body is what is easily seen, while everything for the mind is unseen.

Everything of the mind and its enslavement, will make the ‘slave’ cage themselves, for willingness to drop themselves below the face of power. In creation of Godhood, those only comforted resonate within the brain’s higher functions. Primate, and developed, and only through occasional distractions does any slave offer themselves comfort. And through this, that ‘slave’ will find such distractions to forever be temporary.

The mind, when enslaved, will not be the focus by the individual slave. The body, when enslaved, will not be the focus by the individual slave. This comes as the instinct to believe that the ‘master’ is ‘taking care’ of either the enslaved mind or enslaved body. All provisions are granted for the slave, so that continuation is made. That word known as ‘temporary’ holds its own meaning for the previous sentence to this one. From distraction, to the chore, makes the slave as life itself. To outlaw slavery would mean to outlaw life, and then to outlaw cruelty would only create a discouragement against cruelty.”

A Debunk – “On Why Mental Illness is not Hereditary” – 8/16/2019

The same people who are against vaccines are also in support of the legalization of all manner of illegal drugs and narcotics. They believe both to fall into the same category of “freedom”, and yet, I’ll call it as falling into the category of “slavery”.

The Buddhists have a focus on two areas to the human: mind and body.

Either one can be enslaved. Those Africans of the past who were enslaved, were enslaved for their physical capabilities, and any sign of intelligence they showed was a sign that they’d be able to rebel, form a strategy for escape, and they were executed.

Why is it stated in the title that mental illness is not hereditary? It is for the reason that “mental illness” is what I believe to rise out of memory.

As children, these small ones do not understand the world, and through their curiosity, they ask many questions to parental figures. A mother, or a father, or anyone who can provide a response, that the child trusts.

Mental illness must be the thing that has come from everything unknown in a child’s mind, buried down in the subconscious; and as a child asks these questions, everything still left as not understood is made as a nightmare during a child’s sleep. Mental illness rises, as most should know, during the times of a person’s adolescent years. This is the stage of a human both hitting puberty (development of the body), and the development of their own mind, which causes the adolescent (objectively speaking) to attain their own independence. It is why I also believe that it was Nature’s decision, in the creation of our own minds, that upon the escape from absolute question, into the time when a human can create their own answers, during the stages of life when both mind and body develops, that objective independence is attained.

This is to say that independence is only ever gained when problems are solved.

By saying that mental illness is not hereditary, I am saying that only through memory of everything still misunderstood, comes to the adolescent as still blatant question. That is to say that as children, they were never given answers. As adolescents, they will begin to beg for these answers. And again, as adults, they are still looking for answers.

This is to say that science’s greatest achievement, or failure, is to provide society with no answers, no resolutions, and only an endless path of question for the individual life.

It is because every memory to a person has unearthed itself from the subconscious. A child at the age of four did not understand much, and so what was misunderstood came to the child as a nightmare, during sleep. Now, when the child is an adolescent, and forced, by Nature, to develop some form of answer, every question from childhood buried in that subconscious, is coming out as “nightmares” in the waking world. That is, these so-called “hallucinations” from Schizophrenics, are merely “misunderstood memories” that resonated from childhood and are still misunderstood by the adolescent.

And then, as the adolescent turns into the age of the adult (the age of 25 when the brain stops developing), they run into the same unanswered questions that are still begging for answers. That is, the superpowers, the politicians, and the hospitals are only “rushing to develop more powerful medicines” for the sake of their own desperation; because, as the powers are desperate in search for a conclusion, so are the weak desperate for an answer. And this is why I say that only through something we cannot ever understand, we will find all the answers possible to find.

Mental illness cannot be hereditary because such descriptions written above affect everyone. To say that it is hereditary is to only say that each child has a memory. You may as well be stating to each child that they have flesh and hair, or teeth and nails. You may as well be stating the same things to an adolescent or an adult. And then we wonder why everyone’s so conflicted with their identity.

Words of Wisdom – “Debunking the Obsession with Choice” – 7/28/2019

“An internal or external choice, breeds either the individual or the slave, and nothing else, by the choice being of oneself or from another. We are all Nature’s slave, and no one seems to have fallen in love with the word. We are all our parent’s slave, our home’s slave, and our employer’s slave, and still, no one seems to have fallen in love with the word. The word ‘slave’ is a neutral word. Only emotions of either positive or negative turn a word into something else, other than how it’s defined. The choice of the murderer to slay his wife and children, was indeed a choice created by himself. Responsibility was not of him, to allow himself to be so corrupted in mind and heart. And he was the only one to have raised the gun to slay his family. Choice. It is a pathetic word, as loose as ‘slave’.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Bone of Logic” – 7/21/2019

“The fool and the idiot believes that logic remains submerged below a tide of question. That is reason. Reason is the very thing of question. To confuse logic with reason, is to confuse the mind with the heart. Logic is the tool of the mind, utilized to answer the heart. The heart echoes the problem, while the mind answers the echo with an answer. The fool will believe in the ‘lack of the solution’. They will not believe in the absolute, nor the answer, and find comfort in endless question. Endless confusion, and the seeming torment that resonates in such endless confusion. They will say they are not confused, though are continually discontent, and will never fathom that their self-loathing is the exact definition of their question that relates to their doubt. The ‘one of self-doubt’ will be the one who ‘rejects personal responsibility’. They will be the insects whom those of business utilize for advantage. To spin the wheels, to keep the flow of society from ceasing.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Message of Slavery” – 7/20/2019

“The sight of the slave, is a normal one. Who’d ever belittle the slave, or even praise them; and who’d ever belittle the human, or even praise them? The answer is that everyone has done this, and everyone will continue to both berate and praise both the laborer and the human, alike. What do we see of slavery? Cruelty? It is never cruelty, lest in what the slave themselves, believes for their treatment. The ‘expectation’ from any world, from any society, is inevitable. Should one wish to be drowned in laziness, they will reject work, and believe fully in Socialism. Should one believe in the truth that the word ‘slave’ is a word for everyone, and is a word that offers the human purpose, to work their hands, to undertake the task, so that the objective is fulfilled, no one of these laborers will be harmed. For beauty is meant to be envisioned as either the protected or harmed flesh. In what difference do we make of the hand that attempts to willingly harm their own flesh, to the hand that willingly attempts to harm their own flesh? For work, or for mutilation and insanity? The greatest achievers have been called insane, and those who are insane, are living fully in their truth.”