Quote – “Why Self-Love has no Meaning” – 6/13/2020

“Is love a gift? If so, then how does one gift themselves love? Is love based on trust? If so, then how does one earn trust, for themselves? Does love involve comprehending ourselves? If so, then how can we comprehend ourselves, without interacting with others?

What love is, is not the lust that is for the self. It is not love, but lust, that is for the self. How does one not comprehend the difference? Love is objectively an external offering. Lust is the notion by which a person buys something through monetary value, for themselves. Love is the gift. Lust is the gain. If one disagrees, then it is to be assumed that this person sees another person as alike a slave. For that slave will be bought off an auction through monetary value, to never be loved, though to be used and manipulated. Used and manipulated, like any object that has only limited duration, only for it to be tossed aside when worn through. Because, unlike lust, love won’t have any limited duration.

Is the treatment of any object not what lust is? Is it not the personal gain in the view of seeing someone as a tool, never to be loved? Is that what people are, to such ones who can say that lust is the same as love?”

– Anonymous

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