Philosophy – “The Horror of Protection, or the Relief of Destruction” – 5/25/2020

“Freedom is most limited when the slave, now free, soon finds more purpose than they did freedom.”

– Anonymous

How is it that those who now believe they are free, offered that freedom by some group of activists, can claim it to be easy enough to jump on the train of opportunity? Is their eagerness the thing to blind themselves to the consequences of what is to come, of their actions? They find their opportunities in the new purport for their lives, though they believe that the horrors in protecting their rights, are never to be horrors. Do they believe that freedom was a gift? Freedom is never a gift. One has to always earn their freedom.

The relief of destruction, to have the shackles broken, and then the slave is free to move. The slave, in whatever form a slave comes, will soon find more purpose, and soon, more complaints. Freedom is, again, more limited than ever purpose was for a person’s life. What defines a slave? It is not always something we can look back upon, in the past, as much as slavery can be merely the governing rule of a specific force over us. Something that impedes, censors, or controls, as that is slavery. Shackles are not always physical, as much as the layman would think so.

The horrors of protection, coming through as the need to protect what one has earned for themselves, is the true power for the once-slave.

As rights descend into destruction, something else becomes protected. For this proves that a “right” is merely the privilege of a person, before a power overcomes its weakness to dominate it. Protect enough to leave no visible weakness, and do not speak of your secrets, and all is protected.

How is it, when one will say that their freedom is here, they will negate the consequences, the view of them, because they never saw the roots of their slave-masters? They will, from this, find themselves becoming new slave-masters, even if they deny it. For roots are the beginning, among all the pain it took to create that beginning. Within the middle, grows the trunk. When the tree dies, it creates the fertilization for new beginnings of other trees and other forms of life. Therefore, those who face freedom with blind eyes, are not seeing those consequences, because they refuse to see the humanity of their slave-masters. Through that ignorance, they become who they despised.

Within our “contemporary” and “developed” world, there is a different form of slavery that does not come in form of physical shackles. Mental slavery is a far more effective, almost invisible, form of control.

One can stab the physical slave-master, though what can we stab of the air, of the invisible slave-master?

What do we work of the invisible slave-master’s bidding, if not the things we find to be of “normal life”?

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