Philosophy – “Why Representation is a Lie” – 4/14/2021

“Those prideful of being ‘represented’, for appearance’s sake, in a workforce of utility can only be described as the ones who believe ugliness can be a form of beauty.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is the ugliness of toil, to the creation of something beautiful, that separates both.

Poverty is not beautiful, as it should never be called such. It will only ever make poverty remain stagnant. People work, they toil, to make something of themselves. It is the toil that is the ugliness. It is the creation that becomes beautiful. To make something of oneself involves transfiguration, to become something better than the current person one is. That is beauty.

Beauty is a betterment of a former kind, not an acceptance of other supposed types. If it is ever the latter, then beauty becomes ugliness by way of what hideous stands for. Hideous is only ever the shattering or the destruction of creation. It is the death of a life, that represents this hideousness. If we, as people, ever believe ugliness can be beautiful, then we have thrown out the standard of preservation. However, only in the manner of excessive comfort, without the discipline that pain brings, can we be this way.

Rising above a current state, a meager stature where one has remained stagnant, is to become beautiful, is to create, is to make something of oneself. Love has no place, if we expect it to be handed to us, before us. We comprehend who we are. We should remember our identity.

An identity is not a discovery. It is a reminder of our universal selves. It is deceit that dominates a person’s mind, when they believe that “who they are” has “yet to be understood”. It is a deception, because what can be understood, to any person, is that what is made of oneself is a betterment of who they are, not directly of their identity.

Representation is the pride, inhabited in the mind, of one who cannot differ beauty from ugliness simply by understanding the notion that to make something of the self has nothing to do with appearances. It is to comprehend that appearances are stagnant, do not move, though are there to move others. If one is proud of simply being represented, then they are like the artwork hung upon the wall for viewing eyes. Inspiration for others, yet stagnancy for the self.

One is finished in “representation”, just as the artwork. A completed picture, and unable to progress the self any further.

Philosophy – “The Difference Between Beauty and Ugliness” – 2/8/2021

“To the preservation of what has been created, cannot be in sameness of enactment to preserving the deceased. We preserve memories, for flesh will eventually rot. Only through preservation upon living flesh, not its dead form, can beauty be something for protection’s sake.”

– Modern Romanticism

How then, can beauty be a thing of ugliness, if we do not create the latter? We cause the latter, in complete disregard for world’s beauty. It is a differing understanding between order and chaos. That, we can cause a person’s death, out of complete disregard for their life. We can murder the life, into death, because we did not protect it. Out of choice, comes the wish for death. Out of love, comes the heroism in preserving life.

Beauty is thus, on the side of life. Ugliness is thus, on the side of death. As well, beauty is on the side of order, as death is on the side of chaos.

One cannot create chaos, for it is not a creation on its own. Chaos is a causation, upon the creation of order. This is to say that death is impossible to “create”, meaning that only life falls into this category.

As well, it is impossible to “cause” the life to form. We cannot refer to the “cause”, without also referencing chaos. We reference “cause” to chaos, as life references creation. We create life. We cause death.

Beauty is not something of a cause. It is simply something so weak and frail to our eyes, yet to how beautiful we find it to be, we protect it. As a mother protects her child. As an organization will protect an endangered species. As a child will protect the small butterfly from the bully’s stomping foot. We do not wish to see such things turn from order to chaos, from life to death, from beauty to ugliness.

Poem – “Feel what Pain I Bleed” – Romance – 4/8/2020

Send into
Me, when you’ll come to bleed
The song of a mocking siren.
Kisses are the texture of velvet upon your mouth,
While dreams lay wasted in fields that do not want to run
Amok with the seeds
For new beginnings.

Life has been a cruel display
Of utter dismay.

My desires flee from my parted lips,
Like sighs from one burthened widow.

Feel this aura,
The grave of your creation.
My eyes are sown shut
To new light.

There is sand that clogs my tears, from coming through
Upon my desolate cheeks.
Beauty once uplifted the sight of you,
Until ugliness possessed you.

My way with pain,
Is in the sight of you.

A Perspective – “A Man’s Perspective of Womanhood” – 8/15/2019

I am a man who has grown up around women.

No sisters and no siblings, but 4 aunts, a long-time girlfriend, a close grandmother, a mother, no father, and 3 female cousins…

I think I have a bit more understanding of a woman’s Psychology than the average stupid man.

From what I’ve known of them, in contrast to a man, a man will pick apart details, while a woman will see the whole. She will see the entire picture, call it beautiful, while a man will analyze that whole, and discover errors.

This is to say that a woman will listen to honesty without being able to differ a lie from truth. This means, that a woman will hear words, and perceive them in exactness. That is to say that she will expect honesty, especially from a romantic partner, and have no choice but to place her full trust in what she has heard.

In “perceiving the whole”, she will take what has been said, and embrace it. She will not tear the image apart, without the heartbreak. It is because any heartbreak for her, can only come once truth has replaced the lie, and now she sees her own heart split in two jagged fragments.

This means, that a woman will see her own shattered heart, and be forced to see her own flesh, her own face, not for how attractive she once made it, but for its plainness. She will see ugliness, and be forced to be honest with herself, coming to question the worth of love.

How truthful (mind the pun) are such words? I must know.