Philosophy – “The Difference Between Beauty and Ugliness” – 2/8/2021

“To the preservation of what has been created, cannot be in sameness of enactment to preserving the deceased. We preserve memories, for flesh will eventually rot. Only through preservation upon living flesh, not its dead form, can beauty be something for protection’s sake.”

– Modern Romanticism

How then, can beauty be a thing of ugliness, if we do not create the latter? We cause the latter, in complete disregard for world’s beauty. It is a differing understanding between order and chaos. That, we can cause a person’s death, out of complete disregard for their life. We can murder the life, into death, because we did not protect it. Out of choice, comes the wish for death. Out of love, comes the heroism in preserving life.

Beauty is thus, on the side of life. Ugliness is thus, on the side of death. As well, beauty is on the side of order, as death is on the side of chaos.

One cannot create chaos, for it is not a creation on its own. Chaos is a causation, upon the creation of order. This is to say that death is impossible to “create”, meaning that only life falls into this category.

As well, it is impossible to “cause” the life to form. We cannot refer to the “cause”, without also referencing chaos. We reference “cause” to chaos, as life references creation. We create life. We cause death.

Beauty is not something of a cause. It is simply something so weak and frail to our eyes, yet to how beautiful we find it to be, we protect it. As a mother protects her child. As an organization will protect an endangered species. As a child will protect the small butterfly from the bully’s stomping foot. We do not wish to see such things turn from order to chaos, from life to death, from beauty to ugliness.

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