Poem – “Feel what Pain I Bleed” – Romance – 4/8/2020

Send into
Me, when you’ll come to bleed
The song of a mocking siren.
Kisses are the texture of velvet upon your mouth,
While dreams lay wasted in fields that do not want to run
Amok with the seeds
For new beginnings.

Life has been a cruel display
Of utter dismay.

My desires flee from my parted lips,
Like sighs from one burthened widow.

Feel this aura,
The grave of your creation.
My eyes are sown shut
To new light.

There is sand that clogs my tears, from coming through
Upon my desolate cheeks.
Beauty once uplifted the sight of you,
Until ugliness possessed you.

My way with pain,
Is in the sight of you.

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