“A Human, a Virus” – Philosophical Thought

Has anyone considered that humans operate the same as a virus?

Like a virus’s mutation, we humans will change based on environmental factors. Our surroundings demand that we remain surviving, when those surroundings appear alien to us. That is, we survive just as a virus survives.

Adaption. It is an acclimation to fear.

In such a sense, how do we accept another person into our domain, when they represent what we fear?

Adaption is the necessary component against what we fear, not acceptance. Just as we are fighting against a virus, in today’s time, we do the same when we are fighting against an invading nation.

Alien aspects, are like those viruses. An interference, and it cannot die, because it will always return, some other day.

How do we love a virus, or a human that presents themselves as wanting to protect his or her ideals, when everything “alien” is, in fact, an invader?

More-so, we want to purge everything that invades. Our nations are very much like well-constructed bodies. Fragile, in breaking down, and needing to be protected.

An invader, and like a virus, this concept will never fade.

Xenophobia, which is very much linked to the “fight or flight” response in the human brain, will never die.

Perhaps it is why viruses are un-dead things, to begin with, because we will evidently believes ourselves to have created ourselves, in a time of survival. That is, each person who lives, has only lived because of what they do not fear, being things and people who are familiar. They only live because of other people, as those people have both uplifted and “created” them.

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