Virus Talk – “A Lockdown is not the Answer” – 11/8/2020

“What leader is such, when their goal is not upon the future, though upon the passing moments? Their aim, in that sense, would be to freeze everyone in place, so that the future receives more anxiety than does the moment.”

– Modern Romanticism

Whatever fool believes one should “live for the moment”, pertaining to a lockdown, that strips us of clear vision to the future, has sold their soul for a politician’s foresight.

“Living for the moment” is one of the most obsolete mindsets, of the current day. It is the same as possessing a limited attention span, being the exact implication towards destroyed marriages. For what we cannot pay attention to, being of objective importance over anything else, makes us lose what was best.

In this manner, we should pay attention to the future, for we might learn something of our mistakes, at present.

It is always a person who commits error, in the now, so that the future can become a better focus, with wisdom attached. We are not so certain of anything until we can foresee it. Yet, if a leader, playing the role of a “politician”, does not possess the foresight and clarity enough to comprehend the consequences of a certain mistake, then they have not been paying attention. It is as simple as that. Learn from the moment, so that one’s focus on the future is as clear as the next day.

But, a lockdown? What manner of idiot believes that for the sake of the “moment”, we should believe things can be beneficial? It is the same as stalling the development, stalling trust, and stalling clarity into what inevitably will take place. For when we focus solely on the short-term, the long-term becomes unclear. We are blinded to the future, making the travesties of the current time, become the future. It becomes the future, making all manner of sickness as eternal in its lasting.

To the true leader, allowing people their freedom, means to allow them to choose between life or death. If a pandemic is afoot, then what occurred to the idea of “The strongest will prevail”? If the world shows signs of its collapse, then why place more weight on it? If we are not moving, then we can only be pressed further into the ground, by standing on each other, “in the moment”.

Allow death to be the consequence of idiocy, while actual leadership comprehends what the future will bring.

5 thoughts on “Virus Talk – “A Lockdown is not the Answer” – 11/8/2020”

  1. These lock downs are merely putting off the day of our societies obtaining “Herd Immunity” while destroying our economies in the process. IMHO Red states should refuse to send any taxes to Washington as long as their is a Socialist (Democrat) in office. As Biden and company will only use their tax dollars to bail out the Blue states and cities that have been fiscally mismanaged by the Socialists.

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    1. And then, there are those who will wonder why the Almighty government is not repairing such a broken economy.

      Has no one ever grasped the concept that it isn’t the politicians who repair the economy, though the people? When the economy is left alone by meddling politicians, the people automatically become its managers.

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      1. Unfortunately Biden and Company are going to destroy what is left of our economy in short order. When those who voted for him start complaining and try to blame Trump for Biden’s disaster I’m going to point to them and say ” You got exactly what you voted for”.

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      2. These are the same fools who could blame Trump just for the sky being too blue, or for the grass being too green. Anything to remind them of the tail upon the donkey’s ass, as is the actual symbol for the Democrats.

        They like to play the blame game, as they have done for 4 whole years. Funny that they call themselves “progressives”, when all they’ve been doing is wasting their time trying to get rid of the former president. They could have offered him some suggestions, perhaps given some encouragement when he needed it. But, no. They did not. They failed at every attempt to get rid of him. You know why? It’s because if they tried to raise a gun to assassinate Trump, they’d be at least a bit more honest about their intentions, and not trying to cover that honesty up with the “He’s threatening our Democracy” narrative.

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