Poem – “The Pain” – Romance

I have angered you,
I have made you unkind towards me,
When I have been unkind towards you.
I so deserve your intolerance,
Your anger,
Your demolition of my spirit.

The pain, it has swelled,
Up to the Heavens, where there is God,
And he has made ashes for me.
No palaces that will stand,
For me to behold in grand
Waiting, because they have crumbled.

Not even He, feels pity for me,
Because I have angered you,
And made you feel that love should have value.
“There is only value in reality,”
You have spoken once to me.
I heed your words with so much calling.

I deserve the chance to see you soar,
Above the plains and the starving mountains.
Their height cannot match how high I’ll lift
You beyond, so that I’ll remind myself,
Just how much pain is worth the love,
Because I do not respect myself, more than I love you.

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