Poem – “Love, at my Left Hand…” – Romance – 8/19/2019

I walk beneath, the shower, of your eyes,
And cast above, strong gazes, towards the skies.
I make Heaven, bleak,
And myself, turn weak.
“I found love, as a treasure,”
Said the man, as the welder,
A man, of no purpose,
No fate, of any design.
But with, all turmoil,
I’ve rearranged, what is mine.

“There is no shame, in this curse,”
Spoke the fool, idle and worse.
There is much pain, to behold, and to hold,
For a woman, in blue eyes, nestled bold.
She whimpers, in an alley.
She begs, to be found,
Huge eyes, of great sound,
A blue soul, without mercy.

Love tolerates no one, to console herself,
Death has found, a conscience,
We deal in takes, of bonds, and merry selfish
Findings, within science.
And a woman, named a whore,
Has seen torment, forced to adore.
Of wings shattered, and faces battered,
No trust, in reach,
But a man’s, leech,
Will swim in ruined flesh, clinging safely.

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