Poem – “I Beg to be Differed” – 8/18/2019

I neglect truth, wherever it stands,
Plead for difference, wherever it lands,
And make myself whole, through indifference,
I beg to be differed, in manhood and resplendence.
For I am weak by your side,
With eyes that drop to a finger
That is your own,
Gleaming with a ring.

Wherever the world rotates,
I am not there.
Wherever kisses are offered,
I am not shared,
With them,
And I am alone, with a thought,
As my only company –
It says, “Your failing is a disgrace.”

I bleed for eternity to comprehend a woman,
Herself, the heart, too deeply buried.
I reach, and take nothing
But the air, and the scent of a long-faded distance.
Love has left itself blind on my cheeks,
Formed as lips, though that moment
Never occurred, was never given, and never was a memory.
She has only ever been a phantom.

Bleed with me, and all that makes you ethereal,
You are more-so the God, than ever I’ve been.
I am nude, and you are clothed,
I am no longer beautiful, with stretched scars.
I am a man with a face, that is deformed.
And more dead than you’ve ever been.

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