Poem – “Death Stares, as Love Quiets a Scream” – Romance – 8/30/2019

Death has eyes like two heated lanterns,
And I am forced to learn survival.
A promise I had formed,
From hands that were once bleeding,
And strength now raises me for a keeping.
To make beauty my own from flesh that continues to writhe,
From a woman I adore, and will never allow to scream.
Any and all who threaten harm, I destroy.

My fears are now disallowed,
I have silenced fear at my door,
It was death that awaited,
And I see survival by my two hands,
What is fear?
Fear is merely my truest friend,
I have befriended fear,
I now love fear, and pain, and my life.

She is the woman who screams,
A one who calls for aid.
A beauty I now make to be mine,
I see fear as the calling of death,
I see night to behold no shadows,
There are no shadows in nighttime,
There are no whispers that are true,
I create and I will love a truth.

Why would I sleep when love is there for me to breathe?
And to watch her breathe, with tresses of idle blackness,
Each strand to stroke and to breathe in a scent,
Of sweetness, and her lips, to taste and to wield,
For my own; she is who I devote my time.

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