Poem – “Natural and Silent” – Romance – 10/9/2019

These formed words are natural and silent,
Words of the devotion I have found
Necessary to commit,
Upon herself, the nude blessing in flesh and white.
Her eyes show Heaven,
While her heart once showed Hell.
Here, my doubt swims like the flames beneath me,
As I undress her to the surest sign,
Of my loving fingers against warmth.

There is space between them,
These fingers
Of so many places they’ve been sent,
To rise blood to nostrils,
To raise scents as old as slaughter,
As love forgives us both
By the misery we’ve both shared.
There are homes and hearts as old as life,
With chambers of continued groans to pain they’ve bared.

Upon walls, with eyes in portraits,
Staring upon inhabitants,
I lean to kiss your scarlet lips,
In the dim haze of an eternal twilight,
There, your arms dance with fevers awoken,
And fragrance now rises to meet my senses.
Dread and despair, a cloak to wear.
Your face holds a truth, made to share,
With only the most buried tears,
To be unearthed, like memories and fears.

There is nudity in your smile,
Though, upon the altar,
Where marriage makes black turn upon white,
And stars to turn upon the universe,
There is the promise
For a world to travel,
And unknowns to unravel.
Love quakes at nothing,
But the ending of all light,
That is the ending of all love.

We are mere humans with arrogance to state,
That love will vanish, in remnants of hate.

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