A Remembrance – “Three Layers to a Human” – Philosophy on Life – 10/20/2019

Three layers, meaning, three separate areas that can become three focuses for a world, filled with creatures identical to “intelligent beings” called Homo-sapiens…

And these three layers are:

Bottom layer: Death.

Middling layer: Flesh.

Top layer: Love.

In a current world obsessed with “liberation” and “equality”, we’ve changed simply the words for the three layers, though they mean the same.

The changed words become:

Bottom layer: Poverty.

Middling layer: Truth.

Top layer: Reason.

There are still the same meanings to each layer, and no matter how many words are added, the original meaning stays the same. That is because the original meaning is still operating outside of human control. That is to say that there are forces at work, in which humans, too stupid and too arrogant, cannot possibly control, without inevitably playing into the hands of both fate and Nature.

When we disbelieve in God, we begin to look for truth…

In such a scenario as a “disbelief in God” makes human change the word “love” into the word “reason”, and everything below “reason” becomes “everything useful”. Though, God, if He is an existence, would never see something beneath him as any alike a “practical application” for something else. To “take care” would mean “to care”, and would also mean to apply the emotion of love to keep something durable. And, to see something or someone beneath oneself as “useful” would turn the tool eventually broken, if there is no emotion of love involved.

And then, when we begin to find that humans are, as well, just as “untrustworthy” as God, we begin to long for love’s return. Though, since we’ve already taken the step down from Heaven to be upon Earth, we’d also take an additional step down from Earth to be in Hell. This is to say that we’ll now identify more with animals, find compassion more in things we are meant to eat. As well, it is among paupers who find themselves looking upwards, not at the sun, by at the passersby so they may offer money.

In a world “filled with distortion”, it is only because of our immense compassion for animals that is not the cause of that distortion, though is a result of our distrust towards humans.

We first distrusted God, until we began to believe in humans as “realer” than what we called an “imaginative being” like God.

Though, if God is “for the imagination”, then the same would be true that the imagination is for God. That, those who would create, would be those involved in the sciences, studying movement, as an observer, as even a voyeur, much like how God is written to do the same. That is, he looks, he watches, though does he “make use” of those he loves? In fact, does any human “make use” of those that they love?

Do we, as humans, not as gods, but as mortals, ever look upon an infant we’ve created, and dare to perform an experiment on a child? We might, were we to be sadistic, because sadism is revolved around what is going to be seen beneath the flesh of the naked infant.

Therefore, to “make use” of someone beneath someone who has taken God’s place, would be to see what beneath the flesh, which is death.

And yet, such people are still humans, as only their arrogance will ever compel them to state that they have “replaced God” in such a way.

From these three layers.

Bottom layer: Death.

Middling layer: Flesh.

Top layer: Love.

Love protects the flesh, so that it doesn’t stray towards the layer of death.

Would “reason” protect the flesh, leave the flesh unscathed, or would reason only desire to “make use” of the flesh, so that ennui and apathy causes that person, who is being used, to decline towards death?

We would ask this of a hospital, which is the focus for that hospital, that if either their goal is to “make use” of the flesh, or to “love the flesh” as they apply the necessary medicines for a cure to the ailment. That is, how does a hospital think, when it means to cure, should it ever mean to cure, in the way of preserving life, that which the emotion of love is meant to do?

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