Poem – “I Picture Thee, Open and Empty” – Romance – 10/20/2019

I picture thee, open and empty,
With palms facing your knees,
And eyes upon the surest sign,
Of life with broken wings.

Kisses are gentle when they are spoken
As well as simply given.

Kisses are harsh when they bite,
And retract with a mouthful of flesh.

I am sure to love you,
As much as you’ll allow the love
To flood your entire heart.

You are beautiful, dear one, among the embers that encase
The melodies of your heart.
You have been famous, have you not,
Beneath the moon that showers silver tears
Upon your rosy lips?

I am sure to love you!
Beautiful woman, of the Northern sights,
Of beautiful eyes, with Northern lights.

And I will love you,
So your palms will face the open sky,
Not an empty grave.

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