The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “Deep Red, is my Heart” – Romance – 11/3/2019

Blanket and quilt,
Heart shape and guilt,
Collide upon the other,
In merry do-overs.
Blessed by thee,
Your tranquil beauty.
All so personal to describe,
My heart, in its redness,
And in bluest tears,
I bellow out such oldest rhymes.

We have faced the world over,
In truest terror.
You were upon the strength, I knew to uncover you
From, to see the area beneath yourself,
And to see where I aimed to lay down,
As you nested emeralds upon a crown,
And showed weakness to myself.

As I laid down to look above,
I felt warmth spark,
From this endearing love.
All of pain, in my chest,
All of pain, in my heart,
Blossoms freely,
Plainly, from the start.

My beauty, I feel your skin, so cold against mine,
Nestle your face,
Against this warm heart,
This flaming heart,
My flesh apart,
With my eyes upon thine,
Let us be true, becoming entwined.

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