Poem – “A Streak upon Her Cheek” – Romance – 11/5/2019

Fall down to ask,
What will come to be,
And lay down to bask,
In the warm waters of fallen tears,
Hurled from Heaven, laid in untold truths.
You have sympathies growing large,
And held memories upon a swollen shoulder.
My eyes do see,
What is meant to be,
A beautiful memory.
One beautiful memory kept ahead,
So pleasantly.

I light the way for us to see,
While chimes play in our hearts.
As the wind circles around,
And seems to embrace a waist,
Curled against mine, forcing it against,
A hand that always leveled you,
A hand that always molded you.

My place among the stars,
Is yet among the darkness.
Swallowing each individual tear
That drains from your streaked cheeks.

One to hold, and another to drink,
Like a fountain without limit,
To emotion, to the notion,
Of a love I had wished well,
To go on,
It had moved on.

One note sent to the grave,
And another born upon a wave,
That crested, before it nested,
In the isolation of those I saved.

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