Poem – “Myself Whole in Another” – Romance – 11/20/2019

Myself was broken in one,
My heart is broken into smallest pieces,
At this very moment.
And I would love to kiss
The lips of tragedy.
It is not as urgent,
As to kiss the lips of quietness,
To calm this groaning heart.

Your face of mine,
With kisses tender,
Kisses quiet,
Kisses soothing.
It was a matter of fact
To my mind,
That I’d be able to discern,
Exactly what I could know,
Exactly what I could show,
To you, a diamond from below,
And all you receive is a wreath of regret,
To surround your fragile eyes.

Your delicate cries,
And your delicate smile,
Is now a field of great torment,
So that all is left,
Is your tears to chew upon.
And a void to fill with another,
This part is mine.

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