Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Poem – “Withered Rose, or Brazen Kiss” – Romance – 11/9/2019

November 9, 2019

Fall upon me with the world apart,
And I will offer you a word,
To see you married, to see you gladly
Dressed in the adornments befitting
Elegance of all its domain.

People do not know, the pleasures we make
Of each other.
People will not know, the symptoms we create,
That race forever.
They will not ever see the subtlety of love.

They are too much like rats,
Scurrying towards a trap,
Towards a fate,
Towards hate.
They need chaos, and we need an empire,
In our hearts, in our glistening hearts,
Where we may find that Hell will hear our commands.

Come upon me,
Or what will you do?
What else to do,
Besides drink up our own version
Of madness?


Poem – “Love is a Blanket of Eternity” – Romance – 11/9/2019

November 9, 2019

Love is a shell,
When it is not covered,
By something that will nestle it
In moments as sweet as beading faces
Of a woman, hot in exercise.

Cities as old as time,
All bow before the might of love,
When it is that blanket of eternity.
A kiss, one heated kiss,
Upon a mouth, sends through shivers.

A blanket, for it is a quilt,
Made of silk, the softest silk,
From a spider that knows not to lie,
Whose web would be a single string,
From a woman who knows not to cry.

Love is a blanket of eternity,
And I have covered a grave with it.

This bed of soil,
Is only a bed of flowers.

Poem – “Curves that Swallow the Earth” – Romance – 11/6/2019

November 6, 2019

Love is a wing, and I have been caressed
By it, by the hip that I hold,
By the lips, bold in red.
By the few lashes that extend far from eyes
That are tinted in bluish contrast.

Beloved, so loved you are, beneath me,
As I am above, I see you,
Your face and your eyes, and your breast
Curves that surround the Earth, as the sun.
Curves that are heated, like when
They were forged, by a blacksmith and his hammer,
And created woman, after woman.

I am blessed by you,
You, and your fiery love.
You and your melodious sighs,
Offered in repetition.
Offered in sequences, offered in turns,
Beloved, come closer, to a place near,
To my heart and its thudding rhythm.

I have shown up among these curves,
Those hips that are alike the extended womb,
Those legs that are alike the Steinway,
Those eyes that are alike the ripples of a lake
Forming tears whenever I kiss you.

Poem – “Her Mournful Attitude” – Romance – 11/5/2019

November 5, 2019

The breeze between each lash,
Above thy gentle eyes,
Moves to and fro, above those glistening tears.
Oh, how beautiful it all reveals itself,
Alike the vulnerability above your chin,
Where waters dribble from your nose.
The love we’ve expected to see,
And survive within,
Has collapsed entirely,
Upon our decaying forms.

We are like two crosses without the Saints,
Alike two spaces of only the emptiness.
Alike the faces defaced from a Buddha,
Alike the children of motherly abandon.

We cannot console the bereaved,
When we are one.
We cannot rent apart our fears,
When we have swallowed them.
We are but two droplets of bitterness,
Upon toxic roses, as November dew.

I feel the fire upon you,
You, with your mournful attitude.

Poem – “Draped Lids over Blue Skies” – Romance – 11/5/2019

November 5, 2019

Death has made you majesty,
While I weep aloud melodies.
I once saw the weeping sky, and now,
I weep strewn tears to your closed lids.
I once brought my hand out an open window

To feel the droplets,
And now,

That sky has closed, along with yours.
A sky has been buried, and shut,
Your eyes, and above.

There is dew along the petals,
Droplets of rain, from a nighttime’s shower,

Yet, though they were Springtime showers,
Of those I could eagerly call myself,
To feel,
And now,
They are the droplets of a cold November.
Skies as bleak as the evening this occurred,
When you puled, not alike yourself,
Though, wept alike me, alike the droplets of November.

My beauty, with your icy form.
Please become warm, wherever you are embraced.

Poem – “God’s Suffering Woman” – Romance – 11/4/2019

November 4, 2019

God adores thee, as He sits beside me,
Upon my dying bed of agony.
My disease has been this welded moment
Welding my heartstrings through themselves.
Breathe into me,
Your life, as a kiss,
God will hold thy feeble hand,
For I am an old man,
With many sorrows.
And you are His woman, His nuptial being.

God has loved you more than me,
God has adored you more than I
Ever had; though, he made our vows,
And wrote them on immaculate pages
Adorned with feverish petals,
Of orange, red, and yellow.

Romance is at my left hand,
And you hold it.
Love of no suffering, is at my right hand,
And God holds it.

Love is a place of no fear,
And adopted never by the feared.
Do I fear God?
Or, do I fear myself
To die,
And leave alone,
God’s suffering woman?

Poem – “In Love with Lips” – Romance – 11/4/2019

November 4, 2019

In love with an aroma,
That comes from arms that dance in the sun.
In love with cheeks,
That sprout alike the moon, when full.
In love with strands of hair,
That rain upon shoulders and neck.
Though, I am in love with lips,
That bloom the boldest color.

I am in love with lips,
Breathing with the exhaustion in repeated sighs,
Designed by my kind,
And for myself, to crash against their plushness.

Beauty would be a sign of terror,
Were love never giving it flavor.

Poem – “A Simple Pattern in Love” – Romance – 11/4/2019

November 4, 2019

Play for me,
Dear, struggling woman,

Though, our patterns be great,
They seem to turn upon their own command.
I found love upon your own throne,
Upon your own grace,
Upon your own face.
Tears struggle mad to free themselves,
From daily confinement.
Bruised and scorned by the sun,
Patterns grow immense, in all levels of sadness.
I see futures born from all various
Moments in sickness.

Lips are grown, bulbous and ripe,
Upon your face in the ivory.
Scents as old as the ice that crawls
Upon your lingered sight.

Lips as red as the blood beneath your veins,
Bold for my taste, if I could smooth the vast many
Wrinkles, that adorn
Your cherished cheeks.

I struggle madly,
To pinpoint the heartache’s origin,
The love and its flame,
Dances uncontrollably.
And shows to us, a pattern of destruction,
For what it has touched,
In where it has stained,
Above all, we are pained,
As we flourish in our own blood,
And we cover ourselves in frozen love.

Poem – “As My Tears Water the Earth” – Romance – 11/2/2019

November 2, 2019

In what I see, is nothing more than the drenching,
From the skies, being my eyes.
My face is sometimes,
The kind wing,
Though also the harsh leather.
I see Earth beneath my feet,
And I have crushed many cities,
My guilt resonates as something I’ve condemned.

I’ve said upon guilt,
“Let yourself free from me,
For you are free,
And so should I be.”
It would not listen,
It remained still in torturing me,
And would not let me flee,
From its fires of misery.

Bold gestures from my mouth,
Rain the screams, uncouth.
What rains the most,
Are the tears that water the Earth,
My own that water the Earth,
I’ll always measure my worth,
Making faces full of pain,
And utter syllables of shame.

Poem – “Your Curvature Alike the Earth” – Romance – 11/2/2019

November 2, 2019

Pale skinned woman, and blue eyes of the North,
Fill the Earth with your pleasure,
For you have captivated me.
I see newness in every shape,
Each origin to what I have attempted
To ever forget.
Death deals upon me a greater restraint,
Than ever love did.

Your face and searing eyes,
That burn holes in my own.
Uplift me to the highest of Heavens,
Raise me,
From where Hell once called me.
Burn through me,
The memories to the buried flame,
Of love and its shelter.

Beauty is a place only for yourself,
Death is a place that subdues myself.
My mind is a world that seeks after the cure,
And I plead for love’s wings to ever be pure.
I see thee,
Beneath ornaments upon wreaths,
As water trickles from your feet,
And beauty is all I see.

Flesh is all I remember
In the now.
Truth is what I dismembered,
With the vows.
And love will be what saves me,
Here and now,
As I stoop myself beneath thee,
And take a bow.