Poem – “Mercy upon Me” – Romance – 11/23/2019

Why bow to the blame?
Why bend a knee to the shame,
That will cover my woes with greater stains?

For tears to mark a path,
Across my heavier cheeks,
Must be why,
I offered a goodbye,
Must be why,
I ate those tears as sustenance.

For tears to make a journey,
Across my tired body,
Must be simply why,
I was never the man,
To see this through
To the end.

Weakness for me,
Mercy not for me.
I am never to be the man,
Who will ever find the way.
Only a wish, to see,
The action that grants it,
The mercy,
The kindness upon my despair.

A selfless blame,
Only ever-so selfless,
Hideous and repentant,
Is my soul of grain.
Like simple specks,
My heart is one, too.

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