Poem – “Our Love Beneath the Waves” – Romance – 11/23/2019

Of flame to forge,
A love to dance upon waves,
And swim beneath currents.
You carried the most heated words,
And breathed them upon my naked guilt.
Of all waters to swallow
The buildings of Heaven,
Structures meant to collapse,
At the slightest movement
Of a love unmeant to die.

You died,
Because I spoke words without leaves,
Without the spring to renew it.
Now you have fallen with screams and cries,
Stuck in your throat.
As I beg for your unleashing
Of words now with coldness,
You are not in refusal,
But do burn in the waters,
You do burn in the ocean.

Our love,
Was constructed of life.
And now as the tides come racing
Upon my mind,
I show emotions from my eclipsed heart,
For a moon has made its way
Over the sun,
And raised the ocean to meet its pale hue.
When I find you, alone, without the kiss,
Love shall drown out of the picture.

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