Poem – “Our Place in Everything Simple” – Romance – 11/23/2019

White petals, makes paths atop your pale flesh,
Unseen, alike wherever your eyes trail.
Unheard were the words from your parted mouth,
And the love we’ve made ourselves
To care for, in a place of simplicity.
A mourning,
Upon one morning,
A few droplets were against your hair,
And had stayed there,
For me to count their number,
And for me to pull them away,
Alike the petals atop your pale flesh.

Shall we dance, with pity in our mouths?
While we love,
Shall we count kisses against our mouths?
I believe love will devour
All the sadness on the Earth,
I believe in love’s warm breath,
Against the lakes that freeze
To the breath of winter.

Love finds shelter
In its home of homes.
A beloved feels pleasure,
In her chamber of chambers,
Where constriction has made itself a marriage
Enjoyable in my touch.

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