Poem – “Pour your Distant Stare into Me” – Romance – 11/24/2019

Here are glimpses for the world’s most benevolent,
And you have a face that would make the Earth,
Lean forward to kiss its heavenly smile.

Allow ocean to meet ocean,
And sorrow to die away,
In all we know of each other.

Your stare is but two visions apart,
And I know not which,
To put my own glance.

Hand me it, the stare that would end all terror,
In the smallest moment,
Blue and blue, like two seas to drown me into hope.

Like two of Neptune’s spawn,
I wish to be unlike the creation of Bacchus,
Never to anymore, drown in its wine.

Kill me with your blue,
Blow me a great kiss towards my stormy soul,
And make me glad I met you.

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