Poem – “The Vacant Chair” – Romance – 11/25/2019

Known by Heaven,
Of my own illness,
That is linked by two.
Illness of love, illness of death,
And I am caught between,
As life beneath the shallows.

And I see where kisses hang loosely on your lips,
The very beauty who has left me,
For I see your phantom,
A vision, born from a medicated body.

I wish it were real,
Though, you have left long ago
You have left, with the world sent to me,
The tiny fragment left,
I am no human,
Only a device for someone else’s pleasure,
A being to be tormented.
I am for Hell, am I not?

I see that vacant chair,
Known only as vacant by my sanity,
And known to have a form,
By my insanity.

Dear one,
When you lived,
With darkest hair and bluest eyes,
When you lived,
Deep within the chamber of my heart,
Did you at least blow the dust away?
Did you ever seek the wipe clean
All the pain I’ve ever harbored?
My body has no control,
Over where it goes,
I shall view this vision,
With only the mind of a man, who is lost.

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