Poem – “When Love Creates Itself” – Romance – 11/29/2019

Romantic and just
Us, ourselves, in arms,
With tulips that surround,
Primrose and all alike,
Sweetness is abound
Upon our nostrils, and they cleanse!
They were meant to turn away

Our Hellish nightmares,
Our bleakness,
Into the most pleasant of dreams.

I am in love with the greatest of women,
The feeblest of women,
Who has ice upon her eyelids,
And greater solidity in her heart.
I have sought to save
All I sought, as well, to have,
A little woman,
With beauty to every trace.

My woman,
Now my woman,

But cold indeed
Among all the heat in our lust,
Among the forge that grants us warmth,
She shows eyes for blue,
And skin for ivory,

I am granted but one moment,
For those famous words,
Sent upon her puny lips.

A listless beauty
With all of the ivory,
And all of the blue,

Mingling, through and through.

But I’ve no idea
When happiness reveals itself,
When love creates itself.

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