Poem – “My Love, My Enemy” – Romance – 12/4/2019

My love,
My beauty,
My once-held power.

Upon your hair, there are ornaments of ice,
While there is pain upon my mind.
There are great statues in the wilderness
For us both to see.
Their splendor has been an easy achievement,
To fill the void, of an artist,
Of one forgotten creator.

I once created, what has collapsed.
What has been called “beautiful”,

Is only now a failure.
Are you in grief, as much as I am?

The little temptations of my mind,
To return to your arms,

But only be held in your ice,
And be touched by the long strands,
Of greater coldness.

Little one,
We were once great,

We were once vowed for an eternity,
And you’ll name “reality” even for love,
For that coldness is your heart.

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