Poem – “The Moon Beneath our Hearts” – Romance – 12/27/2019

All distortion follows
The moon with its velvet hues,
Its resplendence,
Its call to men of blood-thirst,
For it has a face as wicked as the heart above it,

My own, that does writhe
But, what does it say?

Shall we have a listen?

Syllables in repetition,
Contrasts in transition,
And the words spoken, aloud, are,
“What is this wilderness, about yourselves?
Have you forgotten,
To call back,
To me?
And, only me?”

The blood upon our hands,
The haze before our eyes,
The land beneath our feet,
And the moon is merely another orb,
Alike our hearts,
There, for the solace,
For the sleep,
So much as we’ve neglected it.

Within the moon, we do fall,
Around our hearts, we do move,
To see the negligence, drifting about
Our splendor,
Our shape,
Our pallid faces,
Our smiles,
And our clawed fingertips.

3 thoughts on “Poem – “The Moon Beneath our Hearts” – Romance – 12/27/2019”

  1. The Moon can bring us memories
    of nights of love or nights of terror
    we can feel full of hope and love
    or feel desperate with lot of horror
    as we get to know our own hearts
    we will find kindness as a dweller
    failing to recognize that kindness
    inside the heart would be an error.

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