Poem – “When I want to Kiss, I will Kiss” – Romance – 1/1/2020

When I want to kiss, I will smother
Thee, among all your surrender.
And when you are upon knees and hands
To see, what has come of the kiss, burning upon your scarlet,
You will drink, whether it be forced to be
Let through your throat, to the level where you plead.

Drink up, beauty,
With your face and frown upon my fingers
That raise your chin to meet my lips.
Drink up, my love,
While you drown in the elegance
I have allotted to your own.

For when I desire to kiss, I will kiss.
And I will kiss, so sweetly.
I will kiss you with the mind, and the heart, that roars
Beside another, at war with the other.
Like tulips in rebellion to the winter,
And with no patience to wait their turn.

I feel you as the lost phantom
That has escaped from my grasp.
But, you are not to run far,
When I am done.
You will be there for the kiss,
The longing, the stinging, and the drinking
Of one kiss,
One you’ll come to never miss.

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