Poem – “The Red in Our Eyes” – Romantic Poetry – 1/25/2020

We are divided between currents
That fall from eyes made of glass,
And to shield our faces makes us witness
The shame we decorate ourselves with,
As we bleed.
We bleed dewdrops over cheeks made of ivory,
And kiss love away
As the emotion it was,
Meant to stay.

Agony is now our new bliss,
Our cheeks, our faces, the silver tears we kiss,

Buried inside of us, is the sadness that quakes,
Poured over us, is the beauty that makes
Us reside in the folded tempest.

What is sinister, in my eyes?
What has been loving with these brutal hands of mine?
I breathe loyalty upon you,
And grieve a new tear into the ground,
Like a seed, it sprouts a new bed to call your home.

The red in our eyes, like the sun that whispers goodbyes,
After it sets for the night,
As a closing chapter in sight.
One day, I’ll not remember your sighs,
Lovely as they were, drowning time that flies.


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