Poem – “Was it Emotion?” – Romantic Poetry – 1/26/2020

Was it emotion
That compelled you to betray?
The sight of me
Must be the eclipse,
The two hands that made their way
Over to your crying eyes,
And blinded your vision.

Who was the seeing man
In this apocalyptic romance?
For I was blinded, too,
By our coldness, in the tears we both rained
To our knees
That we hugged close to heart,
As the snow hung itself on our hair.

Love is but a feeling
That is too important to forsake,
But, I have forsaken it
Almost thoughtfully.

What did I betray
Besides my own heart?
I gave into the feeling of eternal emptiness.

Walk me by
In this city of many disgraces.
Pass me by
And show to the paupers all your graces,
As the world looks onto you
To see what a face, that no longer cries,
But still, sees me clutched to the coldness of you.

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