Poem – “We Trained our Love to Grow” – Romantic Poetry – 1/28/2020

Kisses are prettiness,
Red with blood to drip
Over mouths that have tasted
The virginity kept for many years,
Upon groins made of shadow.
Whatever was few
Of the daughters taken from hiding,
Is now new,
Fresh for the taking.

Kisses for the mouth of a young girl dressed in white,
She opened softness to the light,
And drew her skirt to reveal beneath
The home I would bury my mind,
For now madness lurks on this wrinkled flesh
Of mine.

Laced with black and white,
Of all golden coloring of street lights
Erupting a sheen upon her face in the night.
With the moon pouring a mark on her cheeks,
I have come now to sweep
The woman to her, upon immaculate sheets.

What churns
In her,
The woman who once was innocent?
I see a mere ghost,
A girl,
And, a girl with saddened, decrepit eyes.

I have placed madness in with a stolen girl,
And virginity no longer blocks my way to the woman.

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