Poem – “Letting the Storm Die” – Life – 10/5/2020

Facing stars,
Running with wars
That never seem to die.
Among all our childish wishes,
Faces always cry.
We never smile
When we hoard the books,
When we can allure shadows
That never bond
Without breaking
In the light we despise.

Letting the storm die,
Letting the dark collide
With something other than light.
It is the mind that withers
In winter
When no spawn of rose,
Nor face of infant
Can bury happiness in the sky.
Other than light,
What can darkness taste
Other than the image upon our plate?

We can face the next day
Like yesterday was tomorrow.
We can drop our tears
Hoping someone will catch them.
We can drink our meals
And eat our beverage.
We can consume with haste,
As we wallow in the drunkenness.

Place a mirror
Before your eyes,
See the sands caught by the wind,
See the world caught by itself
While the dust settles,
As the storm dies.

Poem – “The Subtle Taste of Yearning” – Romance – 8/16/2020

I blacken, with such sounds,
The motions of my feeble arms,
The blue awakening of my skies,
To drown in your clouds
The harrowing blue curves of your tears.

You count the petals
Spring unleashes
To the scented winds,
Breathing sweet
Touches of longing.

You hold out a hand
That I may kiss.
You take a stand
Where I may catch you,
Should you fall.

Your eyes, the ebony to my white,
Your skin, the white to my ebony.
Your face, the entire poem without its words,
Your form, the standing sculpture without motion,
Your feet, a base for me to trace,
Straight to Heaven.

Poem – “Rub your Eyes, Dear” – Romance – 8/8/2020

Trace your ground,
Smother that sound
Of years that belong to yesterday.
There is too much at stake
For you to break.

I wed, through the sonnet,
Your fabled face,
In its truest grace.
I speak syllables that matter most
To the epitome of what is close.

The gates surround
Where we walk beyond the shore.
We get undressed
To the rain, that stains our forehead.

Love has wings
That I bring
To your aching back.

Love is that emotion
I tremble with, to the notion
That you are safe in comfort.

Poem – “Drop your Little Guard” – Romance – 8/5/2020

Drop your roses,
Drop your feet,
Drop your eyes
Down to where each thing falls.
Drop those walls
That have stood you
Just a mite so tall

Your pride
Is the musing of a thousand more
Generations to come.
As I see it,
As I comprehend it,
It is weak as glass.
Let yourself go, to where you may collide.

Find yourself,
Shine yourself
In the sun’s warmth
Of exercise, of the swim
In the ocean called “paradise”,
Where children are your bread
Upon your platter.

Do not lie to yourself,
For you do not love yourself.
You love the world,
For you to retreat
Back to your own
When the sun sets,
When the clouds hang too heavy.

When the morn raises
For you to bring tears,
You act as if the simplest torment
Could bring you down.
I shall bring you down
Only for your submission to a kind word
In nothing to be as cruel, to you.

Poem – “Your Kiss of Tinted Lips” – Romance – 8/1/2020

Let the sea swallow up
My bleeding self.
Yet, when the sirens do come to elapse
My painful sickness,
I will sit here
To count of the cuts
Lining my wrists, beneath the gleam
Of burning moonlight.

Try as we might
To lick clean the wounds,
As vanity proves its maneuver.

Your lips,
A searing to my pleading.
I want to kiss, what I shall not regret.

Your eyes
Try to dry themselves
In the lakes,
Chosen of your rotten fingers.
I kiss your heart.
Your mind, I prod.

I face your glance
In the tides of this crawling ocean.
I am washed by the ebony,
To be let free by the ivory.

There is smoothness to each kiss
You drown
In a heart that could not keep you.

Poem – “Cry for Nothing Else” – Romance – 7/31/2020

For as you bleed
To the fragile moon's face,
I wish to trace
What tears you have shorn
From a flesh that has been bled and born
Within the womb of love.

I dream of you,
Dear one,
In my nights of no sleep,
As I imagine the day with stars.

You are in love with a mile,
Centered in your arms,
Leaking higher,
As the droplets of your eyes fall upwards.

I want to wear what you feel
Over my form.
You are the love that does not lie,
When you cry.

Only in love,
Have you ever surrendered.
The moon needs no sun,
For us to be one,
Even when we are parted
With elegance to show we have started.

We carry
Sympathies to the shorelines,
Saying to forget
All we could not get,
Besides each other,
To remain here, forever.

Poem – “My Eyes do not Wait” – Romance – 7/30/2020

The state,
The waiting game
Of your eyes upon the lane,
Where our roads will cross,
Where our fields shall know loss.
As I see thee,
I want to say
That nothing in the world matters.

Your beauty
Is an image of my defeat.
My arms are long
As they hang.
My tears wet roses
That dry against their thorns.

My grace
Is a nothing.
Your face
Has called me to everything.
I, upon my knees,
Have given into pleas.

Where does love say to go,
When it no longer snows?
When I no longer hang heavy
With the weight of my state,
I can bleed
With a heart, that has no residence
In me,
For us.

Poem – “Do not Fret” – Romance – 4/20/2020

My beauty

With eyes the curves to the Earth,

Encompassing what makes the land and seas,

Give yourself to me,

And fret no more.

You have lips to be kissed,

As soft as my heart once could not be

Until a specific attraction

To where I place my mouth.

For it is not to the sight of thousands,

But to you.

I hold no power

Within the sight of your majesty.

You are the angel I never knew

Existed upon this delicate orb

We call a home

In the infinite blackness.

The little shoulders

You shrug in your confusion

Will be no more, in that intent.

The marveled gaze

Thrown to the haze

Of the blaze

We create, beneath our feet,

Raises us to Heaven.

Poem – “Your Throbbing Heart” – Romance – 4/3/2020

If they have killed you,

Due unto a disease,

I will kill them.

I will send them running to the Earth

And escape through the ashes,

Down to the corridors of Hell.

I will send them chasing demons

For merry love-making.

Those demons

Are of their own kind.

The same faces,

The same traces

Of the same scents.

I will track them down,

Slay them into debris,

Along with their homes,

Their hopes,

Their futures,

As love has nothing but burning wings

Upon my back.

Poem – “What do they have to Hate?” – Romance – 4/2/2020

What of you

Do they need to despise

Of your holiness?

Are we doomed to run

Like some being of land, who is not at sea,

Doomed to sail, for eternity?

Love would have awoken the Kingdom,

Destined to be planted

Like everything else did not matter

To us.

Like dust in my hands,

Like the land in the calls of trumpets,

Like the war upon my mind,

Stampeding troops

Seem to be heading

Towards the grave,

To see you

And the bouquet you carry

In arms made of rope.

Are we doomed

To see you, in what everyone hates

Of love’s short breath

That carries across the land’s waking body?

What do they have to hate

Of you,

In the storm of irises I see

From you?

Two twin suns

Offered a birthplace

Above your nose,

And beneath your brow.

Give what they hate

To me,

So that I might

Bury myself in them,

And adopt the throne of love.

Poem – “Take my Worship” – Romance – 4/2/2020

Take my commands,

For they are nothing

To you, at the bedside

Where your toes glisten from the water,

And your breasts gleam from the oils,

While your eyes let loose the gazes

Down upon your hands.

Take nothing from me.

But, I will take you

Into myself,

With all your flesh, and all your secrets

Buried among unguarded peace.

Let the stars fall

From your universe,

Because, I want to capture the sun

And hang it upon my brow.

The heat,

And the sleep,

We’ve had to omit

To see

Ourselves, in each other’s eyes.

Poem – “Broken Eyes” – Romance – 4/2/2020

You bleed the deep

Oceans to cross,

Oceans to travel,

Waves to ride.

I weave

Triumph, before your eyes.

I was the spectacle for you to witness

Within your cries.

Do not weep,

But say a vow.

Say what you want

To the stillness, somehow

Where we break against the tide,

Against ourselves.

Love lays wide open

Upon the cracks in our skin,

Upon the mask that fills in

What we do not want to feel

So heavily in the night.

Bleed me

In the open,

Like you did

While your eyes were broken.