Poem – “The Pride you Gifted to Me” – Romantic Poetry – 1/29/2020

The closing chapter,
The ruined prestige,
But, not the memory of what was held dearly,
Though, lost like newborn petals,

From the lips of a tamed Earth.
Swept from my side, in the Hell of an eternal night.
Lost, was my spirit, though the pride from this memory

One accomplishment,
One woman,
One love.
Her face was all to smother tears
Away, were sadness to have its way.
One form, upon oceans maddened in their waves,

And a love was all to be needed,
In the hollowness of a shelter, likes bones to make a cage.

I see her eyes
That were once alike the sun combined
With the moon.
So much sickness still survives

On the cold ends to her skies,
But, the pride
Remains in my heart, to what I had conquered.

For I will fuse the parted sky to unify.

Still does torment bleed the questions
The doubt,
From ambition’s shout,
Like those petals falling from their buds,
Newborn, and still unmade
By Nature’s slaves.
What to do, in my pride,
Besides to comprehend what will survive?

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