Poem – “What are We?” – Romantic Poetry – 2/4/2020

While your face flashes through memory,
As I remember drunken whiles
In searing destiny.

The burn,
The shape,
The torment,
The scorn,
From a thousand cold escapades.

We had conquered all,
With four frozen eyes upon the sun.

I was once the happiest man
That God could spawn.

While you nestled yourself in my mind,
Upon the times,
You were not present
Burning grief grew loudly.

When will death claim you,
Love of once my love?

You are missing,
Because you are not near.

For it does seem,
That the clock has adopted the flavor of ice,
And has adopted its texture.
For the clock’s hands no longer move,
With the breath of the wind.

Would that be like us?
Two deaths, who have created no life?

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