An Observation – “Humanity, when Contrasted from the Animal” – Psychology – 2/6/2020

Familiarity is where we place our trust… usually.

Though, should we choose to not trust the familiar person, then we will trust more-so the animal to bring us peace.

The unfamiliar, being the animal with fur adorning its face, is something we cannot see for an actual expression. We can see, from humans, their faces not coated with fur. Therefore, their faces are seen for the familiarity of human criticism. These days, we will trust a dog, because a dog cannot criticize. A dog or any other animal, cannot speak in human language. And this is, of course, an act of resisting familiarity. We resist familiar language, that is, and soon, we are unknowingly clinging to unknowns. And, when we know that a human will judge, we do not wish to see their faces.

Instead, and to repeat, we will look upon a dog’s face, or any animal’s face, and find comfort in something not so familiar to us. Flesh and blood humans are no so easily trusted in today’s time, because their judgement comes from a face reddened by anger. We cannot see anger in the animal’s face, that may be heated, because of the fur that coats it.

To repeat it, once more, the animal’s face is coated with fur. Therefore, we can barely tell the emotions being expressed.

To keep us in bliss, to keep us blind, and more-so, to keep us blind to the judgement, to keep us blind to the blinding judgement of God perhaps, is to see ourselves as identical to an animal. We are basically blind, when our eyes are cast upon this “unfamiliarity” of an animal without an exposed face. It’s a very inevitable Psychological reaction, to resisting judgement from anyone who may deem themselves “higher” or “better”, in our obsessive love of “equality”.

What we should trust, is the familiar person. What we shouldn’t trust, and what is usually not trusted even for the average misanthrope, is the unfamiliar person who one does not know.

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