Poem – “A Genius of the Heart” – Romantic Poetry – 2/6/2020

He wells tears, up to the terrain of his conscious mind.
Aware of his pain, and those from others,
Brought to greater showers
Of those same tears,
Upon the sight of others, deep in their gloom.

He has saved, and has saved, again
With a mask that does not show his eyes.
They are too deep in the tears,
Too deep for the world to see.
Like the mind, he is aware, and like the heart, he stares.

He stresses,
And he dresses
For the manifold garbs of attire
Deep in his closet of memories.
He panics upon what to wear.

What he pulls for attire,
Is but the softest silk.
It is so much like the Earth,
Webbed in desires and sadness,
With tears caught in them, like flies in their chaos.

4 thoughts on “Poem – “A Genius of the Heart” – Romantic Poetry – 2/6/2020”

  1. That’s beautiful..I hope that it gets better for him..I unfortunately stay in that mindset much of the time but am trying to force myself out of it. Beautiful words nonetheless

    1. I was writing about myself in this piece.

      I believe that when we “think of others”, we are strong, and at the same time, we are weak. That’s what love is, as an emotion. I also believe that we are only ever strong, when we are lonely. It is a vain sort of strength, but seems to be one that many people, these days, cling to.

      I wasn’t actually downplaying who I am, in this poem. It’s just an expression of what I feel, during the days I feel there is more to life than simply myself. It’s a very vulnerable feeling to be able to share emotions with others, to be vulnerable WITH others, instead of being exposed when alone.

      Love is an emotion where we uplift others, while needing to be uplifted ourselves. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be one-sided, and we end up betrayed out of mistrust. I think that “wisdom” has its necessity in where we place our trust, and not simply do it so blindly, that we end up with nothing at the end.

    2. To add…

      We do end up “giving ourselves”, when we love, don’t we?

      Trust accompanies that gift, when we accept it, like when we accept the offering of love. To me, love should be as easily accepted, as the oxygen we know is needed to be breathed.

      Who do we trust? Well… I believe we should trust familiarity. Flesh and blood humans, who can respond to our actions, who can criticize us, who can offer us advice or a slap on the head when we’ve done something wrong. This would be our families, or our friends. All things that are so familiar to us, that we can recognize them at first glance. That’s what we should trust.

  2. I’ll have to take that in and process that for a few but it very much makes sense. Thank you for the insight and wisdom.

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